SIP architect position

From: Matt Keys 
eZuce is looking for a senior, talented and passionate C++/SIP architect. I=
f anybody knows any SIP / C++ folks please feel free to pass the info along=
.  Submit resumes to Here's the job description:

You are a C++ rock star. Creating high performance server side applications=
 for Linux is your way of life. You have mastered the software engineering =
life cycle from architecture, implementation, unit testing and quality cont=
rol, troubleshooting all the way to release engineering and software packag=
ing. You have an affinity to open source and you think you would thrive in =
an open and high energy environment.

- Developing new SIP based components / features for openUC / sipXecs serve=
- Support existing clients
- Enhance current openUC / sipXecs SIP stack, IPv6 support

- Experience in mastering the software engineering life cycle from architec=
ture, implementation, unit testing and quality control, troubleshooting all=
 the way to release engineering and software packaging
- Consulting engineer / architect, team lead, go to person for tough proble=
ms like performance, threading issues and memory leaks
- High unit test code coverage advocate
- Familiar with the most current IETF SIP related standards
- Experience in working with Git
- Experience in working with bug tracking tools (JIRA)
- Automake, Autoconf
- Ability to work in an open and collaborative environment
- RDBMS design principles and concepts (PostgreSQL) , good SQL knowledge. N=
OSQL database concepts (MongoDB)

Strongly Desired:
- Familiar with all modern software libraries available for the Linux platf=
orm - STL, boost
- Expert level know-how in fast/light-weight string parsing algorithms
- Expert in application debugging / profiling tools (Valgrind, Google Perft=

Nice to have:
- Previous experience in open source projects
- Agile (SCRUM) development process knowledge
- Hands on FreeSWITCH, reSIProcate, sipXecs, SER, Kamilio
- Actively participating in the creation of RFCs / keeping yourself up to d=
ate with the current drafts
- Hands on working with cfengine framework

Candidates providing following references should be preferred:
- github account
- proof of activity in larger (open source) communities
- code published on sourceforge, google code

Benefits package
flexible working hours / working location,
opportunity to grow and learn from an open source project / model,
exposure to latest open source technologies,
getting involved in architecture decisions

Job opportunity in NYC

From: Nate Hill 
I miss you, Chattanooga!

I know I'm opening myself up to ridicule by posting a job in NYC on
Chugalug, but hey I can live with that.

I'm up here in NY running the Metropolitan New York Library Council now,
and I'm hiring a Digital Services Coordinator.  This is a *really cool*
opportunity.  I'm looking for a developer with some chops, but also someone
who can organize folks and help create collaborations, collisions, and
opportunities between digital library projects and the rest of the civic
activist / arts / creative technology communities.  Info below.


The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) is seeking qualified
applicants for the position of Digital Services Coordinator.

The Digital Services Coordinator will support Digital Culture of
Metropolitan New York (DCMNY), an online collection hosting service for
members of the Metropolitan New York Library Council. DCMNY is currently
powered by Islandora; the Digital Services Coordinator will need to be
comfortable with Linux, Fedora Commons, Drupal, and custom PHP
modifications. The ideal candidate will be confident with this technology
stack and is up to date on other frameworks and repository solutions (e.g.
Apache SOLR, Ruby/Rails, Blacklight, Hydra). She or he will make
recommendations and lead a migration to a different platform should this be

METRO=E2=80=99s staff of 15+ people hosts classes and events for our member=
The Digital Services Coordinator will also collaborate with the METRO staff
to maintain the technical infrastructure for the office and community
space. This support includes but is not limited to: wireless network, VOIP
network, hardware/software support, technology purchasing, and Google apps.

Finally, the Digital Services Coordinator will have an outward-facing role
at METRO; she or he will engage with the New York/Westchester technology
community beyond the library world. Civic hacking, big data, data literacy,
physical computing, the IoT, and gigabit fiber networks are topics that
should get you excited and light you up with new ideas. This outward-facing
role will lead to new initiatives, new opportunities, and new perspectives
at METRO. The Digital Services Coordinator will be central to their design
and implementation.

The ideal candidate is a curious, creative, and communicative technologist
who will be responsible for supporting and developing a wide variety of
services at METRO. Vision and leadership come from all levels of this lean
organization, so the ideal Digital Services Coordinator will combine
humility and grace with expertise and authority. She or he identifies as a
capable programmer and believes in beautiful, concise, and well-commented

The Digital Services Coordinator will have some opportunity to work
remotely, but will need to be on site regularly in our space on 11th street
in Manhattan as well. METRO is a fun and collaborative workplace full of
energy and enthusiasm.

METRO offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits. Salary is
commensurate with experience.

METRO is an equal opportunity employer. To apply, please send a .pdf copy
of your resume and cover letter along with any other material you would
like considered part of your application to



METRO is the largest of nine library councils in the state of New York,
with METRO serving all of New York City and Westchester County. These
councils were founded in the 1960s to facilitate the sharing of resources
between different types of libraries and archives: academic, public, art,
museum, corporate, and more. In the past, programmatic efforts have been
primarily focused on the discovery and delivery of physical materials.
Today, METRO is increasingly oriented toward the digital, in work ranging
from collaborative digitization projects that engage our diverse membership
to the administration of the Empire State Digital Network, a service hub of
the Digital Public Library of America. In addition, METRO offers a wide
variety of classes, lectures, events, and other professional development

METRO aims to serve as a laboratory and experimental space for our growing
membership, combining new developments in librarianship with emerging
technologies drawn from parallel fields. The Digital Services Coordinator
will help drive this innovation.

Nate Hill

Fwd: Google to Build $600 Million Data Center in Jackson County, Alabama

From: David White 
I got this email from the Thrive Mailing List, and am passing it along....

OT:BEST Android phone yet... LG G2 VS980 Verizon

From: Phil Sieg 
Got a new piece of kit. Here is how it happened:

My business partner got the new LG G3 5.5" but 20% smaller than the Galaxy Note 2/3 even though the screen is the same size. I have been VERY impressed with my Nexus 5 and his G3 is amazing, in fact almost perfect. The ONE THING it is lacking is the wireless Qi charging.

Well I am hooked on Qi the way a crack ho loves rock... yes it is that bad. If you don't have wireless charging, you thing I am an idiot. If you do, you get it. There simply is no going back, not even for the iPhone 6.

The problem is that I am still dissatisfied with the battery life on my Nexus 5. I have rooted, rom-ed, kerneled, and tweaked this thing to death, and have gotten every last drop of energy out of it, and it just isn't enough, especially for international travel.

So I start reading up on hacking Qi into the G3, and find out that the G2 from Verizon has it built in. 

For those of you that don't know, the LG G2 is the Nexus 5 on steroids. It is the exact same size with a .2 inch larger screen (5.2 vs 5.0) due to smaller bezels. It has a bigger battery, better camera, better screen, and the Verizon model's SIM slot is UNLOCKED. You can use the ATT Straighttalk SIM and it will do HSPA+ (4G) without hacking and LTE if you flash an AOSP rom.

OH and it doesn't have any stupid buttons on the side where they get pressed accidentally ALL THE TIME. The buttons for power/vol are in the center of the back just below the Camera...which actually rocks.

The best part: $225 on ebay for like new in the box 32GB!!!

So far I am digging it.

Will rant in a few days if battery life is disappointing.

No rant means I am pleased.

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapfōn®

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Windpax portable, collapsible wind turbine

From: Phil Shapiro 

When Bob Dylan was writing the song Blowin' in the Wind, he didn't have the words to describe 
a portable, collapsible wind turbine that powers an open source file sharing LibraryBox, so he 
used the language of poetry to describe this. Amazingly prescient. 


The efficiency of this kind of wind turbine is low, but so is the cost. 

Although not a toy, this kind of device can spark an interest in wind 
energy in our youth and could also power a LibraryBox or maybe a node on 
a mesh network. 



Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Linux on Curriculum at Chattanooga College

From: Mike Harrison 

Partially thanks to Daniel Applegate, I got roped into
being on the advisory board at Chattanooga College (formerly ECPC).

Ok. Stop Laughing. 3+ months ago that would have been appropriate 
snickering. Things have changed.

Terry Parker took over a few months ago and has completely 
rebuilt a jobs skill focused IT program. That means it's mostly 
MS-centric, with apropos certifications (A+/CompTIA/Microsoft/Cisco..)
and focus as well as a two year Associates Degree. All new intructors, new 
computers, new labs.. an amazing transformation in about 3 months with 
more on the way.

It also includes Linux (Redhat RHCE focused) in the curriculum
as a major chunk of time! Mostly as a server it seems... but it's awesome
to see it blocked out in the curriculum formerly.


Terry would like to get more cross-pollination of the students
with local IT-centric groups, and offers some meeting/classroom
space as bait. There has been some talk about a pseudo-formal 
educational/presentational meeting or more (a half or full day)
this might be good for both groups. Of course, his interest is bringing in 
fresh perspectives, energy and people for his students as well as 
potential students or people wanting certifications.
We get a chance to share Linux/FOSS/etc..  and infect these soon to be 
corporate M$-Lackeys with a subversive strain of intelligence.

Terry is:  Terry.Parker@epbfi.....  (you can guess the rest)
if anyone wants to take him up on that offer and contact him about 


minus 32 on the list.. 219 current.. including some bots.

From: Mike Harrison 

I just saw 32 people on the list. "unsubscribe" and then I realized that I 
fixed the "bounce" functions in mailman a few weeks ago and the dead 
addresses finally nuked themselves. I love it when a plan comes together.

We had a handful of people using Lavabit and other domains that no longer 
work and now the system will age out bouncing addresses, server load will 
go down, saving CPU load, electricity, less recycled electrons and 
possibly stopping global warming which saves penguin habitats.

Just FYI: There are currently 219 members on the list, including a handful 
of Bots for reddit, nabble, etc..

We are not achieving our goals for world domination.
Please flog any nearby non-*nix users into submission
until they install a *nix based OS: Linux, BSD, Mach, OSX, QNX, Android....
and plug their brain into the Chugalug collective.
We need fresh meat for the grinder and their dues.
Oh, yeah.. no dues.. ok: fresh meat? fresh meat is good, eh?

Being careful with devices with memory chips

From: Mike Harrison 

Not exactly a direct answer to an off-topic question:

I've been told that devices with memory chips can be destroyed by =
Microwave ovens.. HERF (got a 5watt plus CD Radio?), high voltage like a =
TV flyback transformer or from a spark plug wire, being near or part of =
a plasma torch or arc welder circuit..  In fact, while using my plasma =
torch tonight, I put my cell phone on the hood of the car about 30 feet =
away. Cats and balloons making static electricity can be fun, and =
dangerous for your electronics.=20

You want to be real careful with mobile phones, tablets, SD cards and =
USB drives that you don't do any of those things, it'll erase them or =
fry them without a trace to let you know what happened.  Even the NSA =
would have to grind down the chip and attempt to read the last state =
with an electron microscope or something else even weirder.=20

So be careful out there: iOS, Linux and Winders portable devices are =
still subject to e-brain implosions if handled improperly.=20

Corporations, Bitcoin, Thread End, please.

From: Mike Harrison 
> Let me defend Chad.
> I think he is referring to fact that corporations are often referred to as "legal fictions".
> BTW You both might find this book interesting as it deals with corporate personhood issue.

Instead of bitching about how unfair corporations are... become one. 
It costs a small amount of money to form a corporation and use it to your 
and your families advantage. Corporations own things (property, 
financial instruments, bank accounts) beyond your lifespan and can benefit
you in the exact same ways as it benefits "them".

As for currency: I generated 3.8 BILLION West African Franc's worth of 
semi-digital currency yesterday, backed by valued at 34 million kWh of 
electricity at current tariffs. It's currency. If you can trade A for B, 
it is effectively currency. In the US/Tennesee, if you trade A for B, you may 
owe taxes on it in USD at what is described as "fair market value" no 
matter what the medium of exchange is. You can play a little with 
valuation, but if you are ridiculous, they'll nail you to the wall.

Lets end this thread before we generate nazi-hitler-p0rn-bitcoins.

OT but cool: New Fuel Cell coming out in 2014

From: Rod-Lists 
New 25 Kw fuel cell tech that is claiming 80% efficiency in a co-generation setup.
They claim they dropped the temperature down to 300 degrees and it is the size of a dishwasher.

Currently runs on methane but could do hydrogen.

Fwd: Linux Opportunity

From: Matt Keys 
?Top Three Skills:

Project Management
Job Description:


Information International Associates, Inc., (IIa), an award-winning 
information and knowledge management firm in Oak Ridge, TN, is now 
accepting applications for the following full-time position:

Linux/Unix Systems Administrator

Under general supervision and direction, the UNIX/Linux Systems 
Administrator will provide system administration support at the 
Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information in 
Oak Ridge TN.

. Installs, configures, maintains, monitors, and tunes systems to ensure 
optimum level of performance and security.
. Oversees appropriate level software installations and upgrades and 
related software packages.
. Participates in system hardware and software acquisition and follow-on 
vendor maintenance.
. Creates, deploys and maintains vCenter VM templates.
. Supports systems backups and recovery operations.
. Develops and maintains appropriate system documentation to ensure 
documentation is accurate and current.
. Develops and maintains system related policies and procedures.
. Responds to client questions, problems, and requests regarding system 
. Project management skills preferred.

. Strong, demonstrable customer service skills
. Strong analytical and problem solving skills
. Ability to self-start on projects
. Strong communication skills
. Ability to work independently and as part of a team
. Combination of education, training, and/or experience equivalent to 
completion of a bachelor's degree or higher in computer science, 
management of information systems, or related field.
. Minimum of 6 years systems administration position, to include Unix or 
Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux administration preferred.
. Project management skills preferred.
. Must be able to obtain and maintain a DOE clearance and pass a drug 

Start Date: As soon as possible
Work Location: Oak Ridge, TN
Salary: Dependent on Experience

Qualified candidates please access our web page,, 
complete the online forms, and submit electronically.

Applicant selected will be subject to a government background 
investigation and must be able to obtain a DOE clearance.
Additional Information:

Work Environment:

Scientifice DataWarehouse

*From:* Fox, Amy 
*Sent:* Thursday, July 11, 2013 1:27 PM
*To:* Matt Keys
*Subject:* Linux Opportunity

Hi Matt,

I hope this finds you well.  I have an opportunity for a Linux 
Administrator in Oak Ridge, TN and wanted to see if I could network with 
you.  This company is an award-winning information and knowledge 
management firm and the Linux Systems Administrator will be providing 
support at the Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical 
Information.  They are currently using Redhat, but will be migrating 
over to Cent OS.  The top three skills that they are looking for in 
someone are Linux, CentOS and Project Management.  If you know of anyone 
that would interested in this, please contact me and we can discuss in 
more detail.

Thank you for your time.


*Amy Fox*| Technical Recruiter -
T 865.292.2371 
888.768.3953 |F 865.292.2392 | 

408 N. Cedar Bluff Rd, 325, Knoxville, TN 37923

for spacing, do not delete

TEKsystems [logo] 

View TEK EMPLOYEE profile on LinkedIn 

This electronic mail (including any attachments) may contain information 
that is privileged, confidential, and/or otherwise protected from 
disclosure to anyone other than its intended recipient(s). Any 
dissemination or use of this electronic mail or its contents (including 
any attachments) by persons other than the intended recipient(s) is 
strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please 
notify us immediately by reply e-mail so that we may correct our 
internal records. Please then delete the original message (including any 
attachments) in its entirety. Thank you.

Raspberry Pi Phillings

From: Phil Shapiro 
Hi chugalug community, 

I'm embarking on a project called Raspberry Pi Phillings to create a useful bootable Raspberry Pi memory card that I'll be selling for $20 within the next month or so. Some of the proceeds will go to families facing financial distress in Takoma Park, Maryland, the city where I work. 

I cannot stomach seeing more evictions. I don't have money to give these families, but I have the entrepreneurial tools, energy and skills to raise funds to relieve some of their financial stress. 

I could use some help from anyone who likes to make explanatory screencasts, writers, actors, musicians, cartoonists, videographers and Python programmers. Kindly contact me off-list if you're interested in having some involvement. No specific commitment of time is needed. 



Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

OT we discussed this before:All French Nuclear Reactors Deemed Unsafe

From: Rod-Lists 
I thought few of you would want to see it.

"A new study by a French government agency, commissioned in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, found that all French nuclear power plants do not offer adequate safety when it comes to flooding, earthquakes, power outages, failure of the cooling systems and operational management of accidents. While there is no need for immediate shutdown, the agency presses for the problems to be fixed quickly. France gets about 80% of its power from nuclear energy and is a major exporter of nuclear technology."

Energy Star or comparable

From: Steve Hollingsworth 
I'm volunteering some support for that is currently running 
servers about a dozen years old that are now unsurprisingly starting to have serious 
reliability problems.  This is an outfit seriously strapped for money but it is also 
committed to be as green as possible.

My finger-in-the-wind assessment is that Dell PowerEdge 2850 servers would be a decent 
match for specs and are available in acceptable configurations for 

[OT] Reuses for slide projectors?

From: William Wade 
I have access to a few nice "newer" slide projectors (carrousel style)
and wondering if anyone has any ideas on reusing these.  Perhaps
controlling them from Linux to do something cool?  Google did not have
any great ideas right off.  I couldn't come up with anything more than
an energy hog hand shadow show.  Nice lenses, bulbs, remote


Security Camera DVR-*n*x

From: Chad Smith 
So one of the places I work got a security camera recently, and it's good
for seeing who is coming in and out, but as of right now, it's just a live
feed, there's no capture device.  The facilities guy, who is a certified
electricity knows very little about electronics.  So he bought a DVD burner=
 Which, you know, has huge drawbacks.

So he decided he was going to get a hard drive for it.  Which, when I heard
that, I assumed he was getting a capture device to go with it.  I even told
him where to find a great deal a 2TB eSATA / USB drive.  Which he ordered.
 And then asked me where to plug it up.


So I told him he needed a DVR.

He ordered another DVD burner.  It said it records to DVD=B1R....  somehow
that was the same thing as a DVR to him.

Double Argh.

So...  I basically need to show him exactly what to get.  I've found severa=
security camera DVRs online, but the vast majority of them come with their
own cameras, which we don't need, and don't want to have to replace the
existing one with.

My question is, is it better to just plop down the $130 - $170 for a
readymade solution, or use a PC, to keep it on topic, I am more than open t=
Linux based suggestions, as long as there is an ISO I can download and burn
to install on the yet-to-exist system.  I'd actually prefer Linux to Window=
if there was some sort of "Security Camer DVR-nux" distro that "just works"=


It needs to work with an external hard drive (how would it not?)
The captured video needs to be viewable on any computer, (Win/Mac/*n*x), so
I can just unplug the USB drive from the capture box and stick it in a
Windows PC and show it to whoever.
The hardware / software cost needs to be under $90 to make it
more appealing than a ready-made DVR.  So if it can run on older existing
hardware, that would be awesome.
It would be awesome if I could access that drive from our internal network.
 but that's not a must-have

I'm not sure what connection the video feed is actually using, but the box
that plugs into our TV monitor spits out RCA cables.

I don't think there is any audio, so that's not a requirement.


- Chad W Smith
"I like a man who's middle name is W." - President George W. Bush - Februar=
10, 2003

My Proposed bitcoin rig...

From: Phil Sieg 
For what it is worth,I ordered some stuff last night to build my "miner"

Using an old "agp" AMD board that has 5 PCI slots. Ordered PCI extender =
cables, and PCI to PCIE adapters. Looking at 5 ATI HD 5830's (maybe best =
bang for the buck).

I am building a custom "open air case" similar =

Cloud Computing (was Corporate BS generator)

From: Dan Lyke 
On Thu, 3 Mar 2011 17:35:55 -0500
Jonathan Calloway  wrote:
> I think it needs to be updated. . . . I didn't see the word CLOUD!

This morning I helped a neighbor set up Flowplayer on Wordpress. One of
the things she was excited about using was provides two services: You upload your file to it (or run
a service on your computer that uploads new files from a directory, or
give it FTP information), and it converts that file to the formats you
specify, and then gives you a URL to it.

I'm not sure I totally get the whole business model, but it somehow
conflates some scripts wrapped around ffmpeg (quite similar to