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OT - TempleOS

From: Randy Yates 
There was a Reddit post yesterday about Terry A Davis and TempleOS. I'd
never heard of it, and since then I've become fascinated with the man and
the operating system.

Some key points:
- Terry has schizophrenia and it obviously impacts him severely.
- Terry says very racist things in his videos and blog/twitter posts which
demonstrates how unstable he is mentally.
- TempleOS is interesting in many aspects. It's public domain, and he's
been working on it for more than 10 years. Terry calls it God's Temple.

I'm fascinated with him because of the combination of his mental condition
and his genius. He really blows my mind with his abilities, and the fact
that he has been able to write his own operating system with many nifty
features while suffering from his condition. He live streams on Youtube
quite often and it's saddening to watch how his illness controls him. He's
very obsessed with talking to God through his operating system. He creates
"Moses comics" as offerings to God and uses various random number
generators along with his own program which gives him random bible verses.
He interprets these verses as answers to specific questions that he asks
beforehand. He is very obsessive when it comes to these offerings.

His life story is pretty interesting, and his OS is pretty unique. It has
no networking support. Got told him to use 640x480 resolution and 16
colors. He wrote his own filesystem for it called RedSea. He has his own
version of C called HolyC. His command line is basically a JIT C compiler
and all the commands are basically C function calls. The OS is 64 bit. He
has written various games for it, many of which are biblical in nature. He
has his own editor with syntax highlighting. He renders Bitmaps and vectors
directly in the command line interface and in source code.

If you've never heard of him, take a second and checkout
You may also be interested in this write-up of him

I feel sorry for the guy, but envy his coding abilities at the same time.

Google reads my email!

Thanks FOSS

From: Matt Keys 
Here's Jack before the injury ..

and after ..

Netflix introduces a super simple download speed test

From: Lynn Dixon 
I thought this is pretty cool.  Super simple, and it uses their CDN
networks for the payload.  And its HTTPS, so its very easy to tell if your
ISP is throttling your Netflix streams, or if your ISP is doing QoS for
speed test packets (giving full bandwidth to to make you
think your getting your advertised speed).

check it out at:

I was only able to get about 300 Mbps download, which is a bit
disappointing on my EPB 1 gig service.

OT: Looking to relocate to Florida

From: John Aldrich 
Anyone know of any decent jobs for a "Geek of All Trades"? I'm looking
to possibly relocate to Florida in the next few months. My lady friend
is originally from Cleremont and wants to go back. I'd just as soon go
with her... don't have anything really holding me here except the house
and the job. If I had another job I could deal with the house. :)

  John Aldrich

Off Topic - Properties for rent?

From: John Dills 

I'm looking to move out of my current apartment and into a new one (Friend
got a better job so we're house hunting.)

I'm looking for a 2 bedroom apartment or house for rent. Needs to be $850
or less a month and allow pets.  If anyone here has any properties or knows
of anyone that's renting, please let me know. You can either reply to the
thread or just directly email me.

Thanks again!

John Dills

Power cables

From: "William D. Roush" 
Well the one thing I always seem to have too many of in the past... I appea=
r to be out of.

Anyone got a box or a big ol' pile of them that don't mind me having a few?=
 I could probably use like 6 standard NEMA 5-15P to C13. Sure I can get the=
m dirt cheap but figured I'd ask if anyone is buried in some first...

William Roush |
Phone: 423.933.2114 | Email:

WD's Pi Drive

From: David White 
This is kind of clever: WD has a special promo going on right now for a
314GB drive that is specifically designed to be more efficient with
raspberry pi's for $31.42.

Kind of makes me want to get a raspberry pi, since I've never actually
played with one before...

David White
Founder & CEO


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Interesting work of fiction

From: John Aldrich 
Y'all should read this story... very interesting. Thinly veiled attack
on Win/Tel....;0

  John Aldrich

Linux running on Win 10?

From: John Aldrich 
Did anyone see this?
Almost seems like hell froze over. :)

  John Aldrich

OT: Secure Application Development

From: asg 

  The company I work for offers secure application development training =
classes. The class can be be run as a 2-day on-site class or as a =
web-based class. The theory of the class is language agnostic but the =
examples are all in .NET or Java. I know a number of you are developers =
and you or your company may be interested in doing a class like this. =
You can get more details here: =

Stephen Haywood
Owner: ASG Consulting

LibraryBox in Google Summer of Code

From: Jason Griffey 
More awesome open-source fun! LibraryBox was asked to be one of the
projects included in the Berkman Center=E2=80=99s Google Summer of Code ini=

Students work on open source, get paid by google. What a world!



History of chia (WAS: Chattanooga Internet Consortium)

From: Billy 
Our server at Chaco's, Erik, coined the term. When tom and everyone showed up, instead of writing the table number on the ticket, he'd write "chia" as he said the table grew to multiple tables like a chia pet.

An interesting story about Erik.

We used to hang out a bit after I discovered we had a shared interest in AD&D. He was also a cool dude. He liked cows, and the fuel tank of his bike was painted in cow spots for one thing. One day, I asked him about the cows, and he relayed this story to me.

He has a friend that was really depressed and called him one night contemplating suicide. He talked to her for hours, a roller coaster ride, bringing her back from the edge, and subsequently her edging closer to the edge again. All night this conversation continued till the sun was coming up. He felt he was losing her, and out of desperation he yelled into the phone, "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE COWS?!?!"

She laughed and laughed due to the ridiculousness of the comment. His friend was going to be ok. Ever since that day, he has loved cows.


> On Mar 13, 2016, at 10:28 AM, Mike Harrison  wrote:
>> On Mar 12, 2016, at 1:22 AM, Jeremy Gault, KD4NED  wrote:
>> Anyone remember it, or being a part of it? Seems I ended up at one of their meetings, had to sit outside at a restaurant in Chattanooga drinking coffee in the cold. That was probably 1999 or 2000. The memories are kinda vague (maybe that's a good thing?) but myself and another fellow at WingNET ended up there.
>> Perhaps some of you can recall it/more details?
> I kinda remember it.. 
> It tried making Chattanooga an “Network Access Point” or “NAP”. because some of us competitors got along:   Chattanooga Online, Voyager Online, Winglet, Dayton.Net, 
> and a social group named CHIA named more about the way the table grew and later we joked it was the Chattanooga Internet Association. It still has a mailing list, but it’s just a few old friends chatting now 

Nerdy Post: LD_PRELOAD and a Shell to C program

I had a desire, or a nerdy, geeky need to create this library that overrides:

* int execv(const char *path, char *const argv[]);
* int execvp(const char *file, char *const argv[]);
* int execve(const char *path, char *const argv[], char *const envp[]);

Upon initialization, all original function pointers are saved via the  
constructor, as defined here [1]

When a given overloaded function is called, the values of argv are  
printed to stderr, prefixed with the called file or path.

I built it as an RPM, with included source, signed by my RPM signer  
key, and put on a remote repository. I also included a repository RPM  
to help the ease of use of this repo. It resides at

I'll work on getting it into github.

To use:

1) cd /tmp
2) wget $repo/gonophnet-generic-1.0.0-1.x86

Rural Technology Fund

From: asg 

  A guy I know in the infosec community, Chris Sanders, started a =
non-profit to put technology into rural schools. In particular, they =
give raspberry pi kits to teachers in rural classrooms. If any of you =
are upgrading your RPis from 2 to 3 and would like to donate your RPi 2 =
please get in touch with them.

You can follow @RuralTechFund on Twitter if you do that sort of thing.

Phil Shapiro, this could make a good story for you and help them spread =
the word about what they are doing.

Stephen Haywood
Owner: ASG Consulting

Dedicated media players

From: David Rucker 
I am looking for a set top box style device to connect to my TV and one to
my projector. I have a WDTV box currently that works well but has a couple
quirks that I wish worked differently. I've looked at Kodi/XBMC and really
like the interface and really like the form factor of the raspberry pi but
am worried as to how well it's processor would handle playback of HD video
files. My files will be stored on my home network. Just curious as to what
everyone does for their needs and if anyone had gone the pi route.

David R.

Raspberry Pi 3 is out

From: mdquerng 
Now with x64 processor, integrated WiFi/Bluetooth and still $35.


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Colocation options

From: Garrett Gaston 
I'm trying to backup my home directory and my media server's movie/show
collection so I've purchased a raspberry pi 2 + a 5 TB HDD to store my
backups. Does anyone know any decently priced colocation options for
storing my backup server? I don't want to store my server in house because
I've already lived through one has burning down when I was young so I don't
consider an in house backup to be a backup at all. Thanks.

VDSL modems

From: John Aldrich 
Anyone know of a good "generic" VDSL modem that isn't outrageously
expensive?  Looking at Amazon, I see prices from about $75 to about $250
and all are bonded DSL modems.

  John Aldrich

UTC SimCenter Linux / HPC Job Opening

From: "Kite, Mike" 
Friends, this seems like a pretty groovy Linux gig to me in case anyone is interested.

Chatt State Matrix Longest Running Torrent

From: Dave Brockman 
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