Boston Linux/Cacti Administration Opportunity

From: Matt Keys 
Passing it along. Peter's profile on LinkedIn is here :

Hi Matt,

We are looking for a strong administrator or developer with 2+ years of Cac=
ti experience to support our client's large scale network in the Greater Bo=
ston area. This person has to be very proficient in support of the Cacti pr=
oduction environment. He or she will be expected to improve Cacti performan=
ce, perform break/fix repairs as needed, and scale up the existing deployme=
nt of the hardware, OS and application layer. The ideal candidate will be h=
ungry, driven and has a passion for problem solving. Compensation will be v=
ery competitive. Please respond to this message or email my Account Manager=
 Lauren Parks if you or anyone you know would be interested in hearing more=
 details. Lauren's email is Thank you!

ascii terminal

From: Joe Freeman 
Anyone have a good ascii terminal that does at least vt100? I got asked the
other to find one for one of our data centers.

At first glance I thought a simple raspberry pi with an HDMI monitor, usb
keyboard, and usb-serial adapter would be fine. I haven't had much luck
finding an HDMI monitor that's under $100, which puts the whole thing
around $160-175.

I've not used any of the thin client terminals before but I had the thought
that if I could find one that has a vt mode in firmware, that might be
cheaper in the long run.

Anyone have any thoughts?

I think the idea is this think gets mounted to a pole cart thing - 2" pole
with four wheels that customers can push around to their racks so that
we're not constantly having to loan out laptops and what not when customers
forget that that switch or router they need to tweak doesn't have a
keyboard port.


Chugalug Digest, Vol 31, Issue 81

From: "Kite, Mike" 
Thanks Lynn and Meuon.

Putting a pipe between domain and user bears the same bitter fruit :(

It's an OEL6 server, which I think, is pretty close, in this case, to RHEL6.

It does indeed have the return code -6 in /var/log/messages when trying to CIFS mount it.
And I may as well just keep trying smbmount rather than smbget, simply because I'll need to put files there as well as get them.

I'm trying to find the Red Hat article you mention, though this machine does not have a  /etc/request-key.d/ folder.  I do have a Red Hat portal account, I'm trying to recover my pwd to that now.


Raspberry Pi LTSP - this looks delightful

From: DaWorm 
On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 8:30 AM, Phil Shapiro  wrote:

>     This might make for an interesting demo on the 4th Floor of the Chatt
> library sometime.
>     This LTSP solution is going to work particularly nicely with the new
> Raspberry Pi 2.
One would think in their "What is Raspi-LTSP" they might have mentioned
just what LTSP means.   They just assumed everyone would know, I guess.
 (Never having used that sort of functionality, I had to look it up.  Dumb


Bodhi 3.0 and an HP Envy

From: Mike Harrison 

Rod mentioned Bodhi 3.0.0 just came out. And I just bought a "cheap"
laptop, an HP Envy 15" with an I7, HD Matte Display, 16gb of ram. 

After screwing with the Win8.1 that it came with for a while.
Upon realizing it was the bastard stepchild of too many GUI paradigms. I
startled looking for a Linux to put in it. Bodhi 3.0 ?  Gotta try it!

Been trying to use it for everything I would normally do for a couple of
days. Bodhi 3.0 is a very nice clean polished minimalistic
implementation of Enlightenment on top of mostly Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. 
I've used it before and I like that paradigm. Clean, useful, get out of
my way GUI and let me work. I've installed all of the normal packages,
am writing this on Evolution, also added VLC, Libroffice, Firefox,
Chrome, Evince.. etc.. and a LAMP stack.. VirtualBox for running some
VM's (Been using KVM/QEMU, so this was a random change) and everything I
expected to work; just works. 

Regarding the HP Envy:

Good: I like the matte finished 1080p display. Seems to be really quick
and has a 1tb hybrid laptop HD. Flipped the EUFI off, and installed
Bodhi Linux raw on the HD. Flipped the VM CPU options on, I can't tell
the difference but VirtualBox is running well. Put Windows 8.1
Enterprise there just for fun. Will be installing a WinServer soon, once
I know which one I need to be screwing with. 

Now for the bad: I really should not have bought the Envy. After using
an rMBP for a while, this thing is "cheap". The keyboard looks good, but
I find it doubling or skipping characters a lot as I type. And I've been
using a "chiklit" keyboard for a long time now, even at my desktops.
The trackpad is frustrating. I have changed some settings using
"gpointing" to make it better. It' either overly sensitive, or
unsensitive and weird. Worst, the pad is wide/large enough that I keep
brushing it while typing. I have a 3 button travel mouse plugged in,
even though I am trying to tweak the trackpad some more. 

But the worst. I forgot how bad the Broadcom Wifi Chips can be. I've
wasted hours trying to make it work. It's a BCM43142. Can't even get it
recogniz ed, tried various drivers (everying except NDISwrapper), and
I've given up for a while. I stuck an extra "Realtek" USB WiFi dongle in
from a Raspberrry Pi.... waited 10 seconds and -poof-: Wifi works.  

Overall, nice consumer grade laptop, it just feels cheap and plasticky.
But I needed a newer CPU and more memory than my beloved 18.4" Sony had
to do some work... 

And that's my Bodhi / Envy Review of the Day.

Raspberry Pi 2 in stock?

From: Bret McHone 
Looks like these guys are showing the Raspberry Pi 2 in stock.

I won't be able to place my order until this evening to verify, but it
shows in stock.


Linux homebrew tap-list

From: John Aldrich 
Hey, guys...
Actually an on-topic post for once... :) I was browsing Homebrewtalk and
came across this thread about a guy using ColdFusion to build a digital
taplist.  Here's the link in case anyone is interested:

  John Aldrich

Alright let's see windows CMD do this

From: Rod-Lists 
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you wordbash, a wordpress clone written in bash.

ARM arch servers

From: "Alex Smith (K4RNT)" 
Has anyone here had tha opportunity to use the ARM architecture servers
that were specifically designed as servers?

Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and such are out of scope of my query.

I just wanted to get some information on your impressions of them. I'm
really intrigued, and have bookmarked several companies that are offering
dev kits with ARM architecture servers in the $1500 range.


" 'With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the
first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all
irrevocably.' Those words were uttered by Judge Aaron Satie as wisdom and
warning... The first time any man's freedom is trodden on, we=E2=80=99re al=
damaged." - Jean-Luc Picard, quoting Judge Aaron Satie, Star Trek: TNG
episode "The Drumhead"
- Alex Smith
- Huntsville, Alabama metropolitan area USA

pfSense hardware for sale

From: Lynn Dixon 
Hey all,
I have a PC Engines APU1D4 for sale. I bought it with the intent of using
it with EPB gigabit service, but I soon found out that it doesnt have the
horsepower ro be able to handle full gigabit across its WAN.  I was only
able to get it to sustain a stable 600 to 700 Mbps across the WAN.

Its a great unit, with only a few hours of use on it. Runs pfSense like a
champ.  Just be aware, that it will only be able to route traffic at about
600 Mbps through its WAN interface.  Its really low power, at only about 12
watts.   I have added several options to this unit that I will sell with
it. Here is the full list of goods:

APU1D4 main board
Black enclosure built for the mainboard
Wall wart power supply
WLE200NX miniPCI express card  capable of 802.11b/g/n
Two dual band antennas and pigtails
80 gig Mini-PCIe SSD drive installed

I have about $275 invested in the kit, including the SSD.  I am asking $200
for the entire kit which is assembled and will come with a clean install of
the latest pfSense nightly on it. Price is negotiable to a small degree.

You can get the details on the APU here:  As well as price shop the
accessories I am including with it.

If your interested, give me an email at and I will send
you my phone number.

OT: Job Opportunity: American Poolplayers Association

From: Lisa Ridley 
I know this is a LUG list, but I also know there are a couple of people =
actively job hunting so I thought I would pass this along =97 I saw it =
this morning when got online to check if our pool team stats were posted =
yet this week:

The American Poolplayers Association is looking for a Sr Software =
Engineer to act as a Development Team Leader in their Lake St. Louis =
office.  If you have experience with MSSQL Server and ASP.NET, and are =
willing to relocate, check this out:

Here=92s what I know about their system that=92s not in this job =

1.  They have a public facing site that has advertising and educational =
materials on it.
2.  They have a member portal where individual members can log in and =
see their team stats & personal stats =97 current and historical , renew =
memberships, and get an electronic copy of their APA membership card, =
which has to be presented along with a picture ID as proof of identity =
if you are playing in an APA sanctioned tournament anywhere in the US, =
including the national tournament in Las Vegas, get an electronic copy =
of the scoresheet for upcoming local league matches, etc.
3.  They have a franchise owner portal where the franchise operators for =
the different local leagues (ours here covers Hamilton, Bradley, Marion =
and Rhea counties in TN) log in every week and, among other things, =
enter the individual match sheets for every match played that week in =
their franchise territory (which the National APA uses for a variety of =
things, including handicap assessment of individuals for tournament =
play), team fees and other things that franchise operators must do to =
run their franchise.  There is also a section where local league =
operators can set up a league website for their area, that is currently =
not used =97 much of the functionality in that section is broken.
4.  The entire website is dated (no responsiveness, no mobile =
capabilities, etc), and needs some serious help.  I emailed them about 4 =
months ago as a member inquiring if there was someone I could talk to =
about helping them fix some of their website issues, but never got to =
the right person and didn=92t continue to pursue it.

I detest and MSSQL, and have little experience in that realm =
(plus don=92t want to move to Lake St. Louis) or I would pursue it =
myself.  You probably get 3 or 4 free trips to Vegas to National =
Tournaments every year as part of the job =97 nice perk.

If you are a Microsoft Techie and are open to working in Lake St. Louis, =
could be a cool opportunity.  If you can convince them to abandon =
Microsoft and and move to open source, even better.  If you =
pursue the job and get it, let me know please.=

Navy destroyer

From: Mitch Tuck 
Interesting article about the navy's new destroyer class which will be
running Linux on 16 IBM blades.

OT: Kegerator for sale

From: John Aldrich 
Hey, guys... don't know if any of you are into home brewing, but I built
a kegerator for my home brew, and I'm picking up a bigger commercial
kegerator that will hold two of my kegs of home brew at a time. Anyone
in the Chattanooga area interested in picking up a kegerator for your
"man cave"? Currently set up for one ball-lock soda keg. I could throw
in some connectors that came with my tower for a commercial keg. You
could probably fit a commercial quarter keg in this. Works very well. If
you went to Chattacon it was in the Consuite serving up homebrew cider.
Just thought I'd offer it to my fellow geeks to see if anyone wants it.

  John Aldrich

Raspberry Pi 2 - Now with Windows 10!

From: Phil Sieg 

I think it is a win!

Just wish there was a 2GB and 4GB ram version=E2=80=A6

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapf=C5=8Dn=C2=AE

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. =
It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

> On Feb 2, 2015, at 11:59 AM, Chad Smith  wrote:
> =

> =46rom the announcement:
> Let's get the good stuff out of the way above the fold. Raspberry Pi 2 =
is now on sale for $35 (the same price as the existing Model B+), =
> A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU (~6x performance)
> 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM (2x memory)
> Complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 1
> Because it has an ARMv7 processor, it can run the full range of ARM =
GNU/Linux distributions, including Snappy Ubuntu Core, as well as =
Microsoft Windows 10.
> Microsoft has said that in the next few months, they are going to =
introduce a *Free* version of Windows 10 designed to work on the =
Raspberry Pi 2.
> =

> What do you guys think?
> - Chad W. Smith

Commercial Desktop PCs as linux boxes

From: John Aldrich 
So, I"m browsing around on Woot and they have an HP ENVY 700-216
Desktop, quad-core AMD with 12 Gigs of RAM and a 2 Tb hard drive for
$440 (plus shipping, I assume.) My current linux box is a bit old and
not doing so well. Probably just a lack of RAM, but I'm maxed out on my
current motherboard. Now, I could just buy a new mobo/cpu/RAM combo, and
plug it in or I could just bite the bullet and buy a pre-built
commercial PC and just go the easy route. How well would something like
that run Linux, do you think?

  John Aldrich

OT? chattacon

From: Stephen Kraus 
I don't know if I'll make it up.

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 3:28 PM, Aaron Welch  wrote:

> I may go to hock some of my geeky gear that I have amassed.  Still trying
> to find out about vendor booths.
> -AW
> Sent from my iPhone
> > On Jan 26, 2015, at 2:12 PM, Ed King  wrote:
> >
> > so who all's going to Chattacon?   I think I might actually try and go
> to this one.   I haven't been to a con since...  oh, before you were born
> (or 1989, whichever came first).    At least I think it was 1989.  I'm not
> even sure if it was a Chattacon, or some other con.   All I remember was
> that it  it was held at the convention center and Doohan/Scotty and
> Takei/Sulu were guests and I got autographs.
> >
> > engage
> >
> >
> > 

A cool CHEAP Hardware hack!!!

From: Phil Sieg 
I am building a couple of cheap quad core hackintoshes using stock Dell =
Boxen and upgrading video cards.

I was shopping for Core2 Quad processors (Q9650) and was shocked to see =
them at $100 and more! Awful damned old for that price.

Soooo I was googling around and found this: =

So an EASY way to use LGA 771 XEON CPU=E2=80=99s in Core2 Duo/Quad =
motherboards. More cache, better overclocking, and lower temps=E2=80=A6 =
OH YEAH and HALF the PRICE!=20

The Quad core Xeon comparable to the Q9650 core2 quad is $46 instead of =


Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapf=C5=8Dn=C2=AE

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. =
It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Why would you use ASP AND PHP?

From: Rod-Lists 
I understand each is part of a stack and you use the stack of your choice.
But why would you mix asp and php on a website?

I just noticed the local sheriffs site uses both.

Fwd: Great Developer Opportunity in Kennesaw, GA

From: gary hasty 
If anyone is looking for such

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chuck Shirley 
Date: Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 11:20 AM
Subject: Great Developer Opportunity in Kennesaw, GA
To: GaryHasty 

Hi Gary!

I am a recruiter here at CyberCoders who specializes in placing Developer
candidates as well as similar positions in Kennesaw, GA and other locations

I am emailing you in case you think you would be a great fit for the
position listed below.  Please check out the link and apply if you are
interested in hearing more about the job.  :)

Also - If you refer a friend I end up placing at any of my open jobs, I
will give you an iPad for the referral!

This position is for a Developer in Kennesaw, GA.

*For more details on this job or to apply simply visit CyberCoders:*


*Not a fit for this job?  Search all of our open jobs:*


You can use the link below at any time if you would like us to hold off on
emails to you about new opportunities.

 Thank you,

Chuck Shirley  | Executive Recruiter |
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Best free Dynamic DNS service

From: John Aldrich 
Hey, guys... I have been using No-Ip and DynDNS up until recently, but
DYNDNS apparently no longer offers free Dynamic DNS. I like to have
redundant host names on different services, in case one of them gets
FUBARed or something, I can still reach my linux box at home. :)
Anyone got a suggestion for another dynamic DNS service?

  John Aldrich