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About to graduate

From: Jared Hamilton 
Hey Chugalug, I'm anticipating graduation this August and I'm beginning to 
apply for jobs. Anyone have any leads as far as good companies I can look at or 
job openings in the Chattanooga area? 

Other than my degree from Lee (Information Systems B.S.), my experience is 
mainly  an internship at Life Care here in Cleveland and tinkering at home with 
*nix. I've got a resume if any of you kind folks would want to see it.

Jared H.


From: Tyler Mittan 
Hi fellow Chugs (not sure about that nickname),

I just got done at Cleveland State Community College and will be attending
either the University of Rochester or Case Western Reserve University
(haven't decided yet) majoring in Comp Sci.. I need a summer job to save up
for the move, but would prefer that it be in a closer related field to my
major than say, retail or food service. I am very comfortable with HTML,
CSS, and for the most part, jQuery. I understand, but haven't written
anything yet in PHP. Along with that, I had a class in C++, but haven't
really been able to implement anything like that in web design, but it does
help me understand things like arrays, loops, if/else statements, etc. I am
willing to work on a "contractual" basis, meaning I realize that my limited
experience in a very competitive market and am therefore I am willing to
work for below the minimum wage (hence why we'd need to make it to where I
am a "contractor"). Honestly, I really *want* the experience and *NEED*
money for the move up there. Please let me know if you know of anything
available or are willing to take a chance on me. Thanks!


Disney Making Laid-Off US Tech Workers Train Foreign H1-B Replacements

From: Rod-Lists 
The NY Times brings us a story on the Disney Corporation laying off U.S. tech workers and replacing them with immigrants visiting the country under H1-B visas. The twist is that the immigrant workers are not your nice local visiting foreign guy from the university who wants to stick around 'cause he likes the people here... they are employees of foreign-based consulting companies in the business of collecting H1-B visas and "import[ing] workers for large contracts to take over entire in-house technology units." The other twist? The U.S. tech workers are required to train their replacements before vacating their jobs, or risk losing severance benefits (excerpts of the Disney's layoff notice are included in the article).

systemd: Damn silly

From: Rod-Lists 
got plugged into a network to boot?!P
Devaun and slack starting to look good.

p Sun, 01 Feb 2015 12:24:08 +0100 schreef Jarle Aase :

Hash: SHA1

Normally I use my laptop as a workstation, with wired Internet and a 1 T
extra disk in the cd-tray.

Today I tried to boot it in a cafe, off-line and without the extra disk.
It was not possible. Systemd would just wait indefinitely for some
start-up jobs (it was waiting for the missing disk to come on-line among
some other things). Fortunately, I had the extra disk with me, so I
attached it and tried again. Still for no use. Systemd now waited for
the network interfaces. So I had to actually connect an ethernet cable
to a router just to get the crap to boot, and then unplug it and walk
back to my table.

How did this happen? How come Debian is now  /more/ useless than
Windows? It can't even boot if the hardware configuration is not exactly
the way it assumes. WTF!


Fwd: Linux System Admin (telephony/call center environment) // Direct Telecom Client // Alpharetta, GA

From: John Aldrich 
Got this in my email. Don't think I'm qualified... so I'm passing this
along to anyone in the group who might be interested

John Aldrich

----- Original message ----- From: Pradeep Gurme
 To: Subject: Linux
System Admin (telephony/call center environment) // Direct Telecom
Client // Alpharetta, GA Date: Thu, 14 May 2015 12:44:11 -0400 (EDT)

*Job Title: Linux System Admin* *Any of the Location:* *Alpharetta, GA*
*Duration: 24+ months Contract *

Please provide below details for submission: Availability:
Updated resume:


Fwd: Chuga-get-together

From: Jonathan Calloway 

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet.  It looks like Thursday night will be "=
The Night" at this point.

I like Terminal Brew House.  However, I'm counting on you guys to chime in w=
ith other ideas of watering holes that I probably have never been too, much l=
ess thought about.

I'm thinking 6-ish at this point. . but I'm flexable.

Jonathan Calloway

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Jonathan Calloway 
> Date: April 19, 2015 at 2:19:58 AM EDT
> To: Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group =

> Subject: Chuga-get-together
> Greetings!
> As some of you know, I have been working a third shift operations type job=
 now for a year.  This means that I have not been able to attend any Chugalu=
nches or other CHUGALUG events. =20
> However, this week (4/20-4/24) I will be doing some training in the day ti=
me.  I would like to call a "Chuga-get-together" for one evening this week.
> Now, I know what the rules are. . . you call the event, you pick the time a=
nd place.  However, as chairman of this event, I would like to open this to t=
he floor for suggestions, so that everyone has the opportunity to chime in o=
n time preferences and places (Besides, you guys always come up with interes=
ting places I haven't heard of before).
> My only requirements are that it has to be in the evening (after 5PM) and i=
t has to be at a place where adult beverages can be consumed. =20
> I'm looking forward to seeing you all again!
> Jonathan Calloway


From: Jonathan Calloway 

As some of you know, I have been working a third shift operations type job now for a year.  This means that I have not been able to attend any Chugalunches or other CHUGALUG events.  

However, this week (4/20-4/24) I will be doing some training in the day time.  I would like to call a "Chuga-get-together" for one evening this week.

Now, I know what the rules are. . . you call the event, you pick the time and place.  However, as chairman of this event, I would like to open this to the floor for suggestions, so that everyone has the opportunity to chime in on time preferences and places (Besides, you guys always come up with interesting places I haven't heard of before).

My only requirements are that it has to be in the evening (after 5PM) and it has to be at a place where adult beverages can be consumed.  

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again!

Jonathan Calloway

OT - Job - Burying outdoor cable run

From: David White 
I have a client that wants to have a (new) cable run between two different

The buildings are a little more than 100 yards from each other, and even
though I've explained that the maximum length that CAT6a is rated for is
328 feet, the client wants to take the risk and run a cable.

I thought about doing fiber, but that would add quite a bit of expense to
the project.

If you or your company does this type of work, I'd like to talk to you
about contracting out this job.


David White
Founder & CEO

*Develop CENTS *
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Organizations Worldwide

Linux has spoiled me

From: Mike Harrison 
Just ranting while watching things download and install on an MS-Server:

I’m building a testbed for some future Linux integration with Microsoft Biztalk, an “enterprise service bus / message queue” on a VM. I’m a few days of playing around, on my 4th install (I’ve made some stupid mistakes and had to start over) and learned a lot. 

Mostly what I’ve learned from the Linux and Mac worlds is: I’m spoiled. 

Linux servers, until you get into really weird stuff, just seem to be couple of yum installs or apt-get’s away from having just about anything you would normally want, up and running. On the weirder stuff, you might have to add a few things from the standard apt/yum/etc repo’s and then either use a private repo or compile something from scratch. Compiling being a rarer option than it used to be, but is still a good option for special cases. 

I’m pretty crusty on MS-Stuff, so I’ve had to learn a lot that I have intentionally forgotten. But what really surprises me is how different the processes are for installing various Microsoft products. Although the “Server Manager” has a decent start with “Add roles and features” it’s a subset of things, and I think it is missing some common essentials. For other things I’ve had to download installers and run them, use “CAB’s” and “Box’s”.. the weirdest one was install a 32 bit version of Excel, on a 64 bit Server OS because “BAM” requires it and won’t work on 32 bit.. I’ve lost track of the reboots, extra installations... uninstalls (SQL Server Express is installed with Visual Studio, but must be removed so you can install SQL Server).. Obscure menu tree hunting to find an option to turn on or off…  I’ve even found and been following several different official how-to’s that do not agree. But it works. Or at least seems to be. I have yet to use it for anything. It’s obvious that Microsoft has groups that don’t “come together” on how to install software, deal with requirements. Microsoft seems to be missing a company/product line wide package manager, and that seems to be a very antiquated thought process. and some things seem to be only available in 32 bit.. like the BI Tools for Visual Studio. Come on Microsoft, why would things you would run on a nice 64 bit server, requiring 32 bit packages for support? 

That a worldwide collective of a wide range of Linux programmer and sysadmins do such a great job of repositories and installations from them, makes me realize how spoiled I have become, and how thankful I am for everyone’s efforts. 

MS-Biztalk Wizard (that is Linux Friendly) needed

From: Mike Harrison 
I’m trying to help a foreign company with an integration project. Many of their systems are Linux/AIX/Sun/*nix, and some are not. 
Their goal is to use Microsoft Biztalk as an Enterprise Service Bus / Message Queueing interface point for multiple systems. Some of which understand CSV via file imports, some via XML via file imports, some via XML and REST and/or SOAP. They will need to do some data transformations: CSV in, XML out, etc.. 

What they need is an experienced mercenary MS-Biztalk expert that can help them, on site, do integration and train a talented motivated utility employee in care, feeding and minor tweaks. 
You would have to spend some time in the pleasant resort destination country. Probably several weeks over a handful of trips.  It might be possible to take a spouse (you would pay their airfare, some expenses) and they would enjoy the location. 

Specifically looking for the kind of person that can do actual configs, tuning and data transformational code while on site in their test/dev sandbox and possibly help move it to the production systems. As I understand it, the best way to do that with Biztalk is via Visual Studio and specific Biztalk tools. Not my worlds.  

Language: English, Pay and Travel: Corporate expert rates and expenses. 

Caveat: I may be one of the Linux geeks you’d be interfacing with and I’m in charge of the overall project. That can be very good, or bad. :)

Apply by contacting me directly first. I’ll reply with more formal information. Trying to do this via informal networking channels before hitting the recruiters and job boards. 


Chugalug Digest, Vol 31, Issue 81

From: "Kite, Mike" 
Thanks Lynn and Meuon.

Putting a pipe between domain and user bears the same bitter fruit :(

It's an OEL6 server, which I think, is pretty close, in this case, to RHEL6.

It does indeed have the return code -6 in /var/log/messages when trying to CIFS mount it.
And I may as well just keep trying smbmount rather than smbget, simply because I'll need to put files there as well as get them.

I'm trying to find the Red Hat article you mention, though this machine does not have a  /etc/request-key.d/ folder.  I do have a Red Hat portal account, I'm trying to recover my pwd to that now.


Small job

From: David White 
I'd like to consider hiring someone to help me write a program that will be
used on my mail server. I may decide to write the whole thing myself in
PHP, but this isn't the type of work I do best.

I have a MySQL database, mail, with 3 tables: 1 for virtual users, 1 for
virtual aliases (forwards), and 1 for virtual users (actual users on the
system that receive email).

Each table has a primary key value of the domain ID, and the aliases &
users table also have individual primary key IDs.

I need a little web GUI that will allow a user to login to add, delete or
modify existing email addresses (change password).

Currently, all passwords (in virtual

OT: Job Posting

From: asg 
Not sure if any of this is Linux related but I saw this job add on =
LinkedIn today.


Stephen Haywood
Owner: ASG Consulting

OT: Job Opportunity: American Poolplayers Association

From: Lisa Ridley 
I know this is a LUG list, but I also know there are a couple of people =
actively job hunting so I thought I would pass this along =97 I saw it =
this morning when got online to check if our pool team stats were posted =
yet this week:

The American Poolplayers Association is looking for a Sr Software =
Engineer to act as a Development Team Leader in their Lake St. Louis =
office.  If you have experience with MSSQL Server and ASP.NET, and are =
willing to relocate, check this out:

Here=92s what I know about their system that=92s not in this job =

1.  They have a public facing site that has advertising and educational =
materials on it.
2.  They have a member portal where individual members can log in and =
see their team stats & personal stats =97 current and historical , renew =
memberships, and get an electronic copy of their APA membership card, =
which has to be presented along with a picture ID as proof of identity =
if you are playing in an APA sanctioned tournament anywhere in the US, =
including the national tournament in Las Vegas, get an electronic copy =
of the scoresheet for upcoming local league matches, etc.
3.  They have a franchise owner portal where the franchise operators for =
the different local leagues (ours here covers Hamilton, Bradley, Marion =
and Rhea counties in TN) log in every week and, among other things, =
enter the individual match sheets for every match played that week in =
their franchise territory (which the National APA uses for a variety of =
things, including handicap assessment of individuals for tournament =
play), team fees and other things that franchise operators must do to =
run their franchise.  There is also a section where local league =
operators can set up a league website for their area, that is currently =
not used =97 much of the functionality in that section is broken.
4.  The entire website is dated (no responsiveness, no mobile =
capabilities, etc), and needs some serious help.  I emailed them about 4 =
months ago as a member inquiring if there was someone I could talk to =
about helping them fix some of their website issues, but never got to =
the right person and didn=92t continue to pursue it.

I detest and MSSQL, and have little experience in that realm =
(plus don=92t want to move to Lake St. Louis) or I would pursue it =
myself.  You probably get 3 or 4 free trips to Vegas to National =
Tournaments every year as part of the job =97 nice perk.

If you are a Microsoft Techie and are open to working in Lake St. Louis, =
could be a cool opportunity.  If you can convince them to abandon =
Microsoft and and move to open source, even better.  If you =
pursue the job and get it, let me know please.=

Anyone hiring?

From: David Rucker 

Most of you may not know me but I follow the list a lot and reply very
rarely. I currently work for RadioShack as one of their Expert Repair
Technicians doing cell phone and tablet repairs. I am one of the few of
their techs that can do advanced soldering. I also owned and operated a
computer service shop for several years as well. I am current going to
school at Volkswagen in their automation mechatronics program. RadioShack
is on their last leg and is now circling the drain, so to speak. Pending
being purchased by Amazon or sprint. Most job listings in the tech field
are morning afternoon shifts. I need something from 4 pm to 9 pm during the
week and flexible on weekends. I can provide a full resume, just wanting to
see if anyone knew of anything or had anything available themselves.

Thank you in advance!
David R. Rucker

Published resume and materials on GitHub

From: "Alex Smith (K4RNT)" 
I've been a member of GitHub for a while, but now I'm finally putting it to

It might not be much, but I'm posting my resume (scrubbed), PDF of my
LinkedIn profile, and applicable certificates to GitHub in my first

I am in the job market, and still looking for system administrator or
system engineer opportunities. I'm also interested in breaking into DevOps
and SysOps positions, although I don't consider myself a developer.

If you have any job leads, please contact me. I am still looking, and
willing to relocate.

Thanks in advance!

Has anyone heard of tekopinc?

From: Jonathan Calloway 


I keep getting job listings for QA Analyst at 'tekopink chattanooga'.
However, whenever I google that company, all I can find are job listings!


Has anyone ever heard of this company?






Tech Recruiters

From: DaWorm 
Anyone on the list have any recommendations on good tech recruiters,
especially for more engineering oriented positions, as opposed to IT

I'm looking to hire someone similar to myself, who can do both hardware
design as well as embedded software design, and most of the recruiting
services I've used so far are either oriented to much higher end people
than I'm looking for, or are contract only recruiters, where I'm looking a
hiring someone full time.

Any recommendations appreciated.

Oh, and if anyone is interested in this type of position, or knows someone
who is, let me know and I'll pass along the job description.


New Bipartisan H1B bill could kill American Tech Jobs!

From: Rod-Lists 
New legislation being pushed by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) to hike the H-1B visa cap is drawing criticism and warnings that it will lead to an increase in offshoring of tech jobs.

IEEE-USA said the legislation, introduced by a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Tuesday, will "help destroy" the U.S. tech workforce with guest workers.

Other critics, including Ron Hira, a professor of public policy at Howard University and a leading researcher on the issue, said the bill gives the tech industry "a huge increase in the supply of lower-cost foreign guest workers so they can undercut and replace American workers."

Hira said this bill "will result in an exponential rise of American jobs being shipped overseas."

Kenco is looking for a Java Developer

From: Rod-Lists 
The job is posted on Linkedin.