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pfSense and the Gig

From: Nick Smith 
Hello Chugalug!

I was thinking about spinning up a new firewall, dedicated computer
hardware for pfsense, maybe even the new vmware appliance they just came
out with.

My question, is anyone doing this and getting their full gig from EPB, or
at least very close to it?

I use to have a cisco 2911 that would only give me about 2-300 Mbs of it,
and i swapped that out for an Asus AC1900 and i get around 6-700 Mbs from
that, with the little amount of port forwarding i do.  I realize every port
forward creates overhead and thus lowers your overall throughput.

If anyone is doing this id love to know your specs that your using to get
as close to the full gig as possible. Is there even a way to calculate
whats needed? for example 1ghz cpu/1gig ram for every 100Mbs throughput or

I dont even know if what im even asking is possible, was just hoping.
I know that the gig speed is only on EPB's network as well, and has no
effect when it leaves, but i dont want my firewall/router to be the
limiting factor.

Thanks for the help and advice!

Nick Smith
nick at nicksmith dot us

Fwd: Woot Daily Digest

From: Jonathan Calloway 

Jonathan Calloway

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Woot 
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> Subject: Woot Daily Digest
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Asterisk: Sangoma aquires Scmooze, FreePBX and RockBochs

From: Mike Harrison 

I’m hoping this is a good thing. I got this in an email today. 


Empowered by Sangoma Partner Update	

Sangoma Acquires all key assets of Schmooze, including FreePBX®and all shares of RockBochs

The Schmooze and RockBochs product lines are expected to become an integral part of the Sangoma portfolio over the coming year. The acquisitions will enable acceleration in the development of FreePBX and SIPStation capabilities and in the Fax-over-IP services from RockBochs.

Bad Routes to two sites?

From: Mike Harrison 

> On Feb 26, 2015, at 11:44 AM, Wil Wade  wrote:
> So I have a very odd case. I am on EBP and I cannot get to two websites from my home network:

I see penguins at:  (as redirected from just 

and I see as as redirected also. 

From EPB.. Using Firefox. 

FCC approves EPB petition for broadband expansion

From: David White 

David White
Founder & CEO

*Develop CENTS *
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Organizations Worldwide

EPB Business class service and static IP's

From: Lynn Dixon 
To build on our conversation from eariler this morning, I contacted EPB to
get pricing on routed subnets and static IP's.

Business class service is the only thing eligible for routed subnets or IP
blocks.  The starting price for the service is $350 per month for 100 meg
service, which comes with SLA guarantees on 99.99% uptime as well as
bandwidth SLA's. With this same service, you get a /28 of IP addresses,
which is 14 useable (16 total, minus 1 for gateway, and minus 1 for the
network ID/broadcast).
Business class is available to any address that is serviceable by the
residential service.

They have various other levels with increased speeds for higher prices of
course, all the way to 1 Gig.  I didn't get pricing for anything above
100meg since $350 made it out of scope for me.

The sales rep did mention that EPB does co-location, but after talking with
them, they only offer it to customers whom are willing to lease a full 43U
rack.  Pricing for a full 43U rack with 100meg service and /28 with 20amps
of power is roughly $1400 per month.

So, there ya have it. At $350 its a bit out of my price range as a small
business, so I will just keep my two machines co-located in Knoxville and
Chattanooga (Peace Communications).  I was really hoping to get a faster
connection with their Business class service, and bring my machines to my
home datacenter.  I have plenty of power and cooling available, as well as
natural gas for a genset. I already have a sizeable UPS as well.

It looks as if EPB is initially targeting medium to large size businesses
with these colo offerings.  I will keep in touch with them to see if they
start to offer smaller rack leases.


From: David White 
Excuse me if this question has already been asked, but does EPB actively
support IPv6 on their network?

If not, then what in the world is keeping them? There shouldn't be any
excuse not to support it by now.

If they do support it, then how do I get an address? pfSense isn't pulling
down an IPv6 address via DHCP.

- David

David White
Founder & CEO

*Develop CENTS *
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Organizations Worldwide

EPB and Home Servers...

From: Mike Harrison 

Asking the list a silly question: 

If I were to run a server at home on my EPB connection for some personal low bandwidth stuff… what do they actually limit?

Can I run Web (port 80) and SMTP (Port 25?) 

I can deal with reasonable changes in IP addresses.. etc.. 

What are ya’ll experiencing? Any options? 

Just curious…

VPN on EPB Network

From: asg 
I=E2=80=99ve got an EdgeRouter Lite running on EPB home network. I=E2=80=99=
ve configured the router for an L2TP VPN according to Ubiquiti=E2=80=99s =
site but I can=E2=80=99t make a connection. An nmap scan against the =
router shows no response from the router on UDP ports 4500, 500, and =
1701. Does EPB block inbound access on the home network?


Stephen Haywood
Owner: ASG Consulting

PCEngines APU1D4 for sale... Perfect pfSense box!

From: Lynn Dixon 
Well everyone, I am selling my fairly new APU1D4.  I moved to Ooltewah, and
got the 1 gig service from EPB.  Unfortunately, this little APU doesnt have
the horsepower to handle a full 1 Gbps throughput.  I was routinely seeing
about 600 Mbps on the little guy but never could get it above 700 or so.

So, I picked up a Lanner FW-8760 off ebay, running an i7 processor and 16
gig ram, and it is able to handle routing traffic at a full 1 Gbps.  Thus,
I am selling the APU.

Its a great unit, with only a few hours of use on it. Runs pfSense like a
champ.  Just be aware, that it will only be able to route traffic at about
600 Mbps through its WAN interface.  Its really low power, at only about 12
watts.   I have added several options to this unit that I will sell with
it. Here is the full list of goods:

APU1D4 main board
Black enclosure built for the mainboard
Wall wart power supply
WLE200NX miniPCI express card  capable of 802.11b/g/n
Two dual band antennas and pigtails
80 gig Mini-PCIe SSD drive installed

I have about $275 invested in the kit, including the SSD.  I am asking $225
for the entire kit which is assembled and will come with a clean install of
the latest pfSense nightly on it.

You can get the details on the APU here:  As well as price shop the
accessories I am including with it.

If your interested, give me an email at and I will send
you my phone number.

Any suggestions for a good 802.11ac Access point?

From: Lynn Dixon 
Hey guys,
I am needing to upgrade my access point now that I am on EPB gig service.
I am using an APU1D4 running pfSense as my router, so I just need an access
point / Bridge for my wireless devices.

I'd like to have 802.11ac in both 2.4 and 5 ghz bands. POE would be nice,
but not a definate requirement. Doesn't have to be wall/celiing mountable

Any good recommendations?  I'd like to have one that had multiple radios to
handle multiple simultaneous devices.  I am looking at some of the Ubiquity
units, but its in the $280 to $300 price range.

Does EPB sell or lease IPv4 addresses?

From: Lynn Dixon 
So, in my possibility of moving to Ooltewah, and getting EPB I have a
question for the LUG.

Does EPB sell/lease IP addresses to their residential customers?  I have a
/28 at Peace Communications as part of my Colocation, but it would be nice
to buy a /29 to use for my home lab, and a some other personal services.

I know we have some EPB guys on here, and was hoping someone could give me
some insight.

EPBfi already outside of city?

From: Rod-Lists 
Found this map of Municipal networks. Several Gigabit connections in North Ga are listed as EPB.
Including Flintstone and Wildwood.


From: Mike Harrison 

3+ hours of phone calls and Web Chat=92s (with 4 total people in one sessio=
n) with Comcast over basic simple account settings, convinced me to sign up=
 to EPB.. =

I feel like I need a bath.  =97Mike--

Protecting password files (was: Name Cheap under attack)

From: Dan Lyke 
On Mon, 1 Sep 2014 21:41:13 -0400 (EDT)
Rod-Lists  wrote:

So I'm a Namecheap user, and, I'm slightly embarrassed to say, my
Namecheap password was one I've used on a few other sites (it's a
mid-tier password).

Obviously, I instantly went and changed it to something that came from
"pwgen 32".

Buuuuutttt... I have three password strategies:

1. A few I remember. Obviously this is not something I can use

2. A few machines have a "passwords.txt" file in their documents

3. I also have shared Firefox password storage.

#3 is awesome, except that  Firefox has broken this at least once, so I
always feel like that if I lose my laptop drive I could lose
everything, *and* I don't actually know how secure things are.

#2 is great if I were smart enough to put that file in git, and *then*
if I actually trusted that the machine I stored the git repos on wasn't
ever going to get compromised.

I'm unwilling to use a third party service for this because the cloud
is another name for "on someone else's computers at the whims of
someone else's security policies", ie: the most nebulous bits of #3.

So: What's the right way to put a passphrase on that passwords.txt
that'll go into a git repo? Something so that I can update it from
multiple places, diffs and merges are all handled reasonably, it's
backed up in multiple places, but I'm not exposing my on-line life on
exposed hosts?


Difference between EPBfi Residential & Commercial

From: Rod-Lists 
Other than Terms Of Service, static IP, and cost(which I have no idea of), what sets EPB Residential offerings for net from commercial net service?

ios remote support was lunch downtown today?

From: Ed King 
Walked down to Doctor Bldg.     Sorry you didn't get to see me!

So...   whats the "best" remote support solution for iphone? (eg: to tap IN=
TO the iphone)

I can't find one that offers full remote control w/o jailbreaking, so whats=
 the next best thing?   Looked at Logmein, Teamviewer, Bomgar so far

as this is for Mr McTightwad, I'm looking for the most expensive product av=

On Thu, 8/14/14, Ed King  wrote:

 Subject: Re: [Chugalug] lunch downtown today?
 To: "Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group" 
 Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014, 11:30 AM

 maybe.=A0=A0=A0depends on
 where and when



 On Thu, 8/14/14, Rod-Lists 

  Subject: [Chugalug]
 lunch downtown today?
  To: "Chattanooga
 Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group" 
  Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014, 10:01 AM

  Whole office is on the
  Anyone up for lunch downtown?




EPB Running Cat5 in homes for gig service??

From: David White 
I just moved and had a technician come out to do the EPB install (actually
he's still here as there might be a problem with the ONT).

He tried to tell me that you don't need Cat6 for sustained gig speeds and
that the standard EPB install, regardless of the speed you get (I ordered
the 100mb, so don't much care).

This doesn't sound right to me. I am surprised EPB isn't using Cat6 from
the fiber handoff to the RJ45 jack, especially for 1gb orders.


Fwd: Linux Journal: Awesome Tech Magazine or Extremist Forum?

From: Jonathan Calloway 

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Linux Journal 
> Subject: Linux Journal: Awesome Tech Magazine or Extremist Forum?
> Date: July 8, 2014 at 8:00:46 AM EDT
> To:
> Reply-To: Linux Journal =

> Linux Journal: Awesome Tech Magazine or Extremist Forum?
> =20
> NSA: Linux Journal is an "extremist forum" and its readers get flagged =
for extra surveillance
> by Kyle Rankin
> A new story published on the German site Tagesschau and followed up by =
BoingBoing and has uncovered some shocking details about who =
the NSA targets for surveillance including visitors to Linux Journal =
> While it has been revealed before that the NSA captures just about all =
Internet traffic for a short time, the Tagesschau story provides new =
details about how the NSA's XKEYSCORE program decides which traffic to =
keep indefinitely. XKEYSCORE uses specific selectors to flag traffic, =
and the article reveals that Web searches for Tor and Tails--software =
I've covered here in Linux Journal that helps to protect a user's =
anonymity and privacy on the Internet--are among the selectors that will =
flag you as "extremist" and targeted for further surveillance. If you =
just consider how many Linux Journal readers have read our Tor and Tails =
coverage in the magazine, that alone would flag quite a few innocent =
people as extremist.
> While that is troubling in itself, even more troubling to readers on =
this site is that has been flagged as a selector! = has published the relevant XKEYSCORE source code, and if you =
look closely at the rule definitions, you will see =* listed alongside Tails and Tor. =
According to an article on, the NSA considers Linux Journal =
an "extremist forum". This means that merely looking for any Linux =
content on Linux Journal, not just content about anonymizing software or =
encryption, is considered suspicious and means your Internet traffic may =
be stored indefinitely.
> One of the biggest questions these new revelations raise is why. Up =
until this point, I would imagine most Linux Journal readers had =
considered the NSA revelations as troubling but figured the NSA would =
never be interested in them personally. Now we know that just visiting =
this site makes you a target. While we may never know for sure what it =
is about Linux Journal in particular, the Boing Boing article speculates =
that it might be to separate out people on the Internet who know how to =
be private from those who don't so it can capture communications from =
everyone with privacy know-how. If that's true, it seems to go much =
further to target anyone with Linux know-how.
> It's bad news to all of us who use and read about Linux on a daily =
basis, but fortunately we aren't completely helpless. Earlier in the =
year I started a series on security, privacy and anonymity in my Hack =
and / column that included articles on how to use the Tor browser bundle =
and Tails. With either piece of software in place, you can browse Linux =
Journal (and the rest of the Internet) in private.
> Read this and other privacy-related stories at
> A Bundle of Tor
> Tails above the Rest: the Installation
> Tails above the Rest, Part II
> Are you an extremist?
> Dolphins in the NSA Dragnet
> Are you an extremist?
> Get the T-Shirt!
> Get the T-Shirt by itself or take advantage of our special (and =
temporary) offer and get a 1-year subscription with your shirt for just =
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> =20

EPB Device pushing bad DNS settings?

From: David White 
This is a bit OT, but I will ask it anyway. I went to a client's office
first thing this morning due to internet being "down". I quickly determined
it was a DNS issue. The client didn't have their login to their D-Link
router. I reset to defaults, rebuilt the network, and upgraded firmware.

Internet was working again for somefolks. 20 minutes later, some folks were
down. I took out my spare Linksys router, built the network on that,
plugged everything in.

Everything worked. 10-15 minutes later, some (but not all) users already
reporting issues again. I determined everytime a PC was "down" that for
some reason its primary DNS server was set to (which was
pushed to it by the router). That was a Cisco device (I checked) obviously
managed by EPB - basically the next hop from the client's router, although
the external IP address was correctly assigned to the client's router.

(The client's network was by the way)

I told the client even before I arrived that I had to be out by 10:00am
sharp. Under a time crunch, and nearing 10:30, I finally just went around
to eaxh machine and manually entered as the primary DNS server (and
yes, I assigned Google's DNS servers to both the d-link and then the spare
linksys router too).

But for some reason that stupid address kept getting assigned
via DHCP as the DNS server.

Ultimately,  this sounds like an issue EPB needs to deal with. Thoughts? Am
I missing something obvious?

Issues started happening a few days ago...