Chattanooga Unix Gnu and Linux Users Group

Easily the kewlest name for a Linux users group in the world

The mailing list is pretty active, with a high signal and low noise level, Chugalug has existed since 1999, with little leadership, no dues, no membership test, and despite being mostly based in Chattanooga, has members all over the world. Chugalug is a users group, a mailing list and a community. Miracles happen because of Chugalug, people help each other, they get jobs, they share hardware in emergencies... and sometimes we pick on each other, lovingly.

Join the Mailing List

Chugalug FAQ:

What does it take to join?
Be interested in operating systems like Linux, BSD, Gnu, MaxOS-X, Solaris, AIX.. and get on the mailing list. No dues.. no questionaire..

Does the mailing list / membership have rules?

If we have to act like the list has rules because of your behavior on-list.. we kick you off the list. A little local commercial activity is tolerated (What is Aaron selling now?) but we are mostly geeks talking about geeky stuff, and sometimes a little techno-personal stuff. Sometimes Bio-Diesel and Energy. It is not a personal tech support forum, although sometimes we try...

The meeting rule says: If you complain about not having regularly schedule meetings, you are automatically nominated and elected as "President" and/or "Supreme Dictator" with the sole reponsibility of announcing/hosting a meeting. Your choice of venue, time, topic.. etc.. You are automatically impeached at the end of the meeting.

How/When are meetings held?

Any list member can call or host a meeting.

Send a message to the list with "What, When, Where".

You will be declared President of Chugalug for your effort, typically for a month or until someone else calls a meeting.

Chugalug meetings have been held in Florida, California, St. Louis, S. America, S. Africa, Caribbean Islands, London.. It just takes two or more Chugalug members to meet to be a meeting.

Who gets the money from the Google Ads on this site?
The keeper/maintainer of the domain and list: Mike Harrison. Any funds received from Google from this site's advertising will go towards server/list maintenance and if there is any extra, towards things to eat and drink at a meeting for all.

Total collected to date: /dev/null