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VOIP/Scammer Digression

From: Mike Harrison 

On Oct 1, 2014, at 6:49 AM, Wil Wade  wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 6:43 AM, Mike Harrison  wrote:
> With various VOIP providers nowadays, it may just be cheaper and easier t=
o grab a =93local=94 number.
> =

> At the last PHP Meetup Dylan showed off ~3 lines of PHP (after including =
the Twilio API lib) that does this for pennies, then drops the number right=

Hating to think that I use Twilio (and like it), but people doing too much =
of that will cause it enough issues to be non-viable for important stuff. =

There are reasons to know how to do it all in Asterisk as well. :)

HP announces $99 dollar winders Tablet

From: Rod-Lists 
supposedly free 4g

Wonder how ubuntu's tablet os will run on it?


Chugalunch Reminder

From: Mike Harrison 

A gathering of Linux users and interested parties, Today at Waterhouse Pavi=
llion about Noonish. =

I=92ll have a small Tux doll on the table. =

All are welcome. Practicing Radical Inclusion: Even Microsofties are welcom=
e. =

Bring your own food/drink.. =

Mike Harrison
mike@geeklabs.com  =

423 605 6943
Skype: meuoned

Process accounting

From: Christopher Rimondi 
I have been taking a deeper look at process accounting in linux recently.
Does anyone use acct (Deb)/psacct (RH) on their systems?

The log file is binary and I would like to find a convenient way to put it
into something human readable and ship it off the box. I am sure I could
work something out with dumping the output of various commands to a log
file. Also syslog-ng can be compiled to support it:


Anyone solve the issue differently or have a more elegant solution?



Chris Rimondi | http://twitter.com/crimondi | securitygrit.com

Apple releases patch for OSX version of Bash to address ShellShock

From: Lynn Dixon 
Apple released a patch for their version of Bash.  Its supposed to address
shell shock.  Its not in the App store, nor via Apple Updates as of yet.

But, you can get it from here:

I applied it at it has passed all the testing scripts I have tried.