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Nice laser printer - Linux compatible -- for $25 shipped

From: Phil Shapiro 

I've bought one of these. They're cute and work nicely on Linux, Mac, and Windows. They also print wirelessly from Android and iOS. 


Note - the Linux driver is a .deb file, so you might be .sol if you're an . rpm person. 



Phil Shapiro, pshapiro@his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
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SugarCRM (was Fw: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

From: Ed King 
Sent a message to Chugalug last night, never saw it come thru.   But I did =
get a bounce back from david.dupre

Anyway, what I was askin' in the original email:     are there any SugarCRM=
 programmers on the list?


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> to being unable to connect successfully to the destination
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Chattanooga ISSA After Hours Event

From: Christopher Rimondi 

Our Chattanooga ISSA chapter will be having an after hours event on Tuesday
October 20th. For all those interested in attending here is link:




Chris Rimondi | http://twitter.com/crimondi | securitygrit.com

gimme some... sugar

From: Ed King 
any sugarcrm programmers in da house?   

I'm familiar with "entry points" and "logic hooks" but I'm having trouble with capturing lead dispositions (is there a pill for that?)

Linux Instructor

From: Mike Harrison 

Chattanooga College needs real soon:

An =E2=80=9Cadjunct=E2=80=9D instructor to teach an intro to Linux class =
at Chattanooga College.  Not sure of schedule, pay, etc.. Contact Terry =
(he=E2=80=99s CC=E2=80=99d in this email).

He also has an upcoming full time slot=E2=80=A6

Requirements, at least an AS degree, and a fair bit of real world =
experience, ability to teach, etc..