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[CHUGALUG] Hardware Bug Story

From: Wil Wade 
So I had been having issues with my Linux laptop. Nice thin laptop. Works
well with Linux. Long battery life. Currently running a version of Arch,
but has had a few others.

Had developed one small issue. Occasionally, it would freeze. Sometimes
just freeze, sometimes with the screen all messed up. I started checking
everything. I checked the ram first off (always a prime cause of random
issues), the ssd, the cpu, the graphics driver, switched distros, etc...

There was one other small and I thought unrelated issue. Sometimes the left
side keyboard backlight would blink. Never was it connected to the halts

The issue started getting bad enough that I noticed that it only happened
when I was moving the laptop (something that tends to happen with laptops.)
I pulled the back off and cleaned up the inside. Same issue, but I thought
perhaps I should try to see if I can cause the issue by pressing on
different places on the keyboard.

After a few keys I pressed hard on the 'S' key. And instant feedback of a

So I pull the back and pull out the system board, looking for a bad ground,
and what should I find? The ribbon power cable that goes to the left
keyboard backlight is broken. Pull it out, so it cannot use the backlight,
put it back together and it all works fine, even when hard pressing the 'S'

All along the issue was a shorting backlight power cable! Goes to show how
small things can really cause unrelated issues.

This has been bug stories with Wil. Join us next time for the mystery of
the Macbook Pro with random reboots, unless a Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter
was plugged in (but not used)!

Can these be hacked for linux?

From: Rod-Lists 
Fourier Nova 5000EX
I just saw an auction of them.

Microsoft Signature PC Requirements Now Blocks Linux Installation: Reports

From: Rod-Lists 
Tell me again that the Clinton DoJ was wrong to wanrt to breakup MS.

Tropos (from Domnic...)

From: Mike Harrison 

Forwarded from: dasundar@gmail.com  - Dominic is having issues posting to the list:

Hey Guys
Has anyone every played with a Tropos 5210 mesh router and knows the
sequence to resit to default settings.



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Moodle Support

From: David White 
I now have 3 clients who use Moodle for whom I'm providing varying levels
of support to. Two of which are clients I provide hosting to.

If you know Moodle and would be interested in occasional side projects
helping to fix bugs, etc..., please contact me and let me know what your
hourly rate is.

David White
Founder & CEO


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