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Help with Python programming assignment

From: "Alex Smith (K4RNT)" 
I normally wouldn't ask for help like this, but I'm getting something
fundamentally wrong with my use of the regular expressions library in
Python 2.7. Please help!

My project is to develop a simple web scraper that retrieves the numbers
from an HTML, only the numbers, adds them together, and returns the result.

For some reason, my use of the and re.findall() commands are
producing runtime errors.

Any help would be much appreciated.

# import re

import urllib

from BeautifulSoup import *

> url =3D raw

Happy Thanksgiving!

From: Chad Smith 
Happy Thanksgiving / Turkey Day / Vegan Family Meal Day / Parade Day /
Football Day / Day before Black Friday / and/or Random Meaningless Thursday
to you all!  (Whichever you like best.)

Thanks for all your geeky, techie, libre insights, rants, excitment, and
fears - even though I only understand about 10~15% of them.

Happy Holidays from the St. Louis branch of Chugalug!

*- Chad W. Smith*

New $5 Raspberry Pi computer

From: Phil Shapiro 

In case you haven't heard yet... 




Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Surveillance camera solutions

From: Dan Lyke 
So I've been asked to put together a quick and dirty solution to some
surveillance needs in the inlaw household, like "Order it off Amazon
Prime today, configure it there at their house on Friday" sort of

This is basically "record interactions between helpers and
mother-in-law to prove to father in-law that mother-in-law's dementia
is beyond what can be handled within the house". Thus  I expect that
the situation in the inlaw household will resolve itself within half a
year or so, and then I'd like to re-purpose those devices to other

I have a netbook I could re-purpose to this. I was thinking drop a 1TB
SSD into that and get a pair of WiFi cameras, but the state of control
software has changed since the last time I looked at this, and I don't
know about usability vs cameras that can just record to an SD and who
could read that SD and...


Anyone of you guys ever use Asciidoc and the subsequent tools?

From: Lynn Dixon 
I am wanting to dig into Asciidoc pretty hardcore and learn it quickly, so
I figured I would poll the collective to see if anyone has any good
learning materials like primers and such.

Alot of the teams at Red Hat use it for documentation and I need to get
"schooled up" on it.

Here are the links I have so far: