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rclone for syncing different cloud providers --- now including Amazon Cloud Drive

From: Lynn Dixon 
In an effort to continue the discussion on Amazon Cloud Drive, here is
another tool that may come in handy:

I'm planning on diving in to this once I get finished up with this customer
engagement in a few weeks.

Bruce Perens, K6BP|Using HTLM5 to create an device & OS independent control surface

From: Rod-Lists 
Bad news it doesn't work on iOS, they don't give access to the mic.
But it works on everything else especially BSD & linux!
Oh he goes into why clones are a bad thing.

Video from the 2015 Digital Communications conference.

Amazon, Linode, and hosting

From: Billy 
So my Blue Host is up for renewal in a few months and got to thinking...

I'm paying about $10 a month for Blue Host.

I can get a Linode for the same.

I can get a reserved instance of an Amazon small for about the same, too.

With Amazon, I must deal with more fluid storage costs...

I noticed they have a new "Glacier" offering for archival. 4TB would cost me about $28/month. But, to get it back? Ouch. If I used a month to get it all, I could extract it for probably some cost similar to $28. I'd have to do the math, but it basically is like 5% over the entire month is free calculated daily, over that you pay a peak usage fee. So it's basically cheap to store stuff, but if I need it back, it could be really expensive if k need it in a hurry.

Their infrequent access storage might be better.

I dunno. I'm just thinking.

Anyone have any experience with Amazon S3 and storing 4+TB in there for backups?

I'm using about 300GB in their normal storage, and it's synced to a folder on my laptop, as well as a few archival buckets I use for raw photos. I have stuff I'd like to store as a backup to my ZFS media storage at home - I'm just not willing to pay more than $50 a month for stuff I could replenish from the cloud or from a large portal drive and a few friends (and maybe an airline ticket or two). A prime example is my digitized dvd collection (from my own DVDs), and my digitized CD collection. Sure... I could probably replenish it, but it'd be nice not to, however $500+ a year just isn't worth to me to push this stuff to a cloud provider.

However, if glacier would work, that's under $400 a year. That's worth it for me if I could extract it for under $400 within a reasonable timeframe - if I REALLY needed to.

Thoughts? Ideas?


A new drupal module to fight link rot

From: Rod-Lists 
Of course we run drupal on linux.

"If you run a WordPress or Drupal site, you can now fight link rot with Amber, a new open source add-on from Harvard's Berkman Center. If links are dead, visitors can still summon up the pages as stored on your server or, if you prefer, outside ones such as the Internet Archive. TeleRead has the details, and the Amber site is here, with download information."

8mm projector

From: Mike Harrison 

anyone got an 8mm film projector I can borrow for tonight?

Yeah, I know.. Not Linux related..