RE: Best HTPC distro

From: Cornelius Hemphill 
For my HTPC, I use XP Pro. I don't use any special software like media
center. I just use the mouse to launch things. I plan on writing my own
custom media center that will load on startup. I use PowerDVD 8 for watching
movies, both DVD and Blu-ray. Sometimes I'll use it to listen to music.
Other times I use Music Jukebox. I use different emulators to play my games.

Computer Specs:

Gygabyte Motherboard and Gigabyte 750W ps. I don't have the board product
code right now.

Cpu: E7300 intel Core 2 Duo - 2.66 GHZ
4Gig Ram but Windows 32bit don't see it all.
NVidia 9500gt graphics card.
Sound card: *Best Buy* RocketFish 5.1 PCI card*
Walmart:* LiteOn Blu-ray reader/DVD-CD writer.
Wester Digital 1TB drive
Segate 120GB drive
RocketFish All-in-One card reader

Surprisingly the whole system came right at $500. I thought it was going to
cost way more than that. I bought parts here
a little there a little on sale. I'm happy with the system mainly because my
son and I built it together, which I really love.