Hackerspace Sunday

From: Mike Harrison 

Reminder. Am in office now.. It's warm here. :)


A cold Sunday afternoon of open hackerspace / open house at 
"GeekLabs/UtiliFlex" from Noon until maybe as late as 10:00pm. We got 
couch, chairs, coffee pot, cube space, toys to play with.. a projector or 
two for ad-hoc presentations, WiFi.. etc.. Pretend it's a hackerspace.. 
What would you like to do?

An actual meeting about a hackerspace starting 
at 5pm-ish. 535 Chestnut Street,
Suites 239-243 (2nd floor, behind elevators).

It's a key-card access outside.. call either my cell: 
423-605-6943 or the office: 423-933-3900 x200 to be let inside.

Parking is free downtown in public places on weekend,
and there is a lot of it within a block of the building
in various directions.