Looking for contractor Technicians

From: David White 
I know I probably sound like a broken record, as I've asked this question a
number of times over the past year or two.

But if you know of anyone interested in some freelance / contract /
as-needed PC repair and basic PC troubleshooting & network jobs, please
have 'em contact me: david [at] developcents dot com

Note: if you try to contact me tomorrow or anytime next week, I won't
respond until the following week, as I'm going to be out of town.

But yet again, I've had the situation come up where I need someone to do
something for me because I'm not available to do it (this time it's not an
emergency, thankfully, and I think I have a contractor who can handle the
job - but I need to confirm that by this evening at the latest)

David White
Founder & CEO

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