Extending Chromebook use after cracked screens happen

From: Phil Shapiro 

These days twenty percent of all laptops sold are Chromebooks. http://tinyurl.com/lg5t6bk 

Quite a number of these end up with cracked screens just because that kind of thing happens sometime. 

Most folks might throw away their Chromebook with a cracked screen. It sure isn't worth paying money to get it fixed. 

But wait, could you donate your cracked screen Chromebook to the public library so they could resuscitate it in some way as a "Chromebox" desktop for some family that needs a computer? 

Why, yes. I'm so glad you asked. 

This little $15 HDMI-to-VGA adapter might be all that's needed. Donated 17-inch LCD monitors are quite plentifully available for free these days. Even a nice CRT monitor could be put to use. 


I don't know if the Chatt library is the right place to try such an initiative. They're already doing a ton of great things. There might be some other organizations in town interested in bridging the digital divide that could take this on. 

What would be amusing is to get a story written about such an initiative on Slashdot -- and then folks from around the country would start sending Chromebooks with broken screens to Chatt. Give me your poor, your tired, your cracked screen Chromebooks yearning to breathe free. 

It's not what resources you have access to that matters. It's what resourcefulness you have access to that matters. 



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=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Just replace the screen.