Nexus 5 update

From: Phil Sieg 
I so love almost everything about the Nexus 5. FAR better device than my Galaxy S4 (rest in peace).

Wireless charging that really works is the BOMB!


1. Battery life is only reasonable after a half dozen hacks and tweaks...
2. Lack of SD card slot is annoying.

I have remedied the battery life issue with 3 wireless chargers (home, office, car).

Maybe, just maybe I won't be the first iPhone 6 user in the area...

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=============================================================== From: Wil Wade ------------------------------------------------------ Have you tried switching to the new (soon to be standard in > 4.4) runtime: ART?

=============================================================== From: Steve McKnelly ------------------------------------------------------ I love my Nexus 5. Now that I've tried a pure Android experience, I'll never go back to a "skinned" Android unit (Sense on HTC, TouchWiz on Samsung, etc). However, I do agree with Phil's points. Both drive me nuts, although you can add an SD slot through the charger, since it supports USB OTG. Battery problems have gotten a little worse under 4.4.3, but I upgraded to 4.4.4 today with a hope that it might improve some. I haven't switched to ART yet, because everything I've read said avoid it until Google makes it official.