Python: Project Manager with solid System Architect resources....

From: Mike Harrison 

Been diving into the =93I need a python guru=94 a little more=85 This got b=
etter described as:

"Project Manager with solid System Architect resources and business sense w=
ould be ideal=94

and options include this being a project for an upper end job shop..
It could be a job at this company, but they they are very interested in con=
tracting out the entire technical side of this project. =

About all I can tell you publicly is that I=92ve known the guy asking the q=
uestion for 20+ years and it=92s real business.

Anyone know anyone (person or company) that is local-ish that fits that des=
cription that is Python competent in the real world?

If so: contact me. 423 605 6943 or email.