Spiraling Cost Of The Gig

From: Rod 
A recent letter to the editor by Mark West of the local tea party.
The local tea party has been hostile toward the smart grid concept and the  



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=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ .....what is this f*cking bullshit?

=============================================================== From: William Roush ------------------------------------------------------ A typical opinion article on any news site. I've dealt with Redditors that were strongly against the gig, regardless of what reports I pulled that showed it to be profitable, not leaching off of power revenue, and doing great things for Chattanooga. He finally just came out and said he just doesn't believe the government should be doing this. Doesn't make him any less of a lying sack of shit for arguing that EPB was leaching, gig wasn't profitable, etc. It's politics over reality again. :\ William Roush william.roush@roushtech.net 423-463-0592 http://www.roushtech.net/blog/