Program to download transactions from bank websites

From: James Nylen 
I've written a program to... you guessed it... download transactions and
balances from bank websites.  Most of the bank websites I have seen are
just atrocious in terms of code and design, and I wanted a system to unify
my accounts.

Here's the code and documentation:

I'd like to start releasing more software, so what are some good ways to
publicize your work?

I use this program with GnuCash (free accounting software) and a GnuCash
web interface that I wrote:

This combination doesn't do everything I want, but it is still really
useful to me.  If you find any of this useful, great - please use it and
post issues to GitHub.

The transaction downloader is written in Node.js, which I like anyway, but
it's a practical choice too since a lot of these bank websites require
JavaScript to function properly.  So I think this code is also a decent
example of how to scrape pages using a headless browser.

=============================================================== From: Christopher Rimondi ------------------------------------------------------ This looks interesting. Many of these banks have export transactions functionality. I assume you wrote an application to help you automate that process? It may be of interest that many banks share the same online banking platform. The big three (Fiserv, Fidelity, and Jack Henry) each have a handful of platforms that are shared between hundreds of banks. It has been 3+ years since I used GNU Cash. I liked it but it had stability issues and problems importing transactions. I was burned on the latter and have stayed away since. Hopefully, they have solidified things.

=============================================================== From: James Nylen ------------------------------------------------------ Yes, that's pretty much what it does. It supports the Fiserv platform but I don't think I have accounts anywhere that uses the other two. There are also some where I just scrape the transactions off the webpage (TVFCU because the listing provides more information than the export). GnuCash is stable for me, but I did not like its import features at all. So I wrote my own.