Thursday Arduino nights at the library

From: Nate Hill 
Hey all:

Just a heads up that we've started Thursday Arduino nights on the 4th Floor.
From 4:00 PM til 8:00 there's a nice mix of instruction on basics straight
up to hanging out and building crazy whatevers with your pals.

Tonight/this afternoon I'll run everyone through a simple project making a
theremin out of a photoresistor and a piezo.  Rad.

We also just busted a staff member for order 9, yes 9, boxes of girl scout
cookies.  I'll provide parts for any teams that want to take the challenge
of making a cookiebox alarm.  Cause as things stand right now, those
cookies are NOT safe.

Nate Hill

=============================================================== From: Dan Eveland ------------------------------------------------------ I'll be happy to provide more cookies at the reasonable price of $4 a box. All goes to my daughters' GS troop.

=============================================================== From: Nate Hill ------------------------------------------------------ Despite a great crowd of 21 adults and 6 kids excited to learn, nobody made a good cookie box alarm. Disappointing. Thanks for your offer of more cookies. Next Thursday we will take another shot at it.