Rooting my Galaxy S3

From: David White 
This may be old-hat to some of you folks, but I've never done it before.

Now I want to (and then after I'm done with mine, I plan to root my
fiance's phone - which is not a S3, but is also a Samsung on Verizon).

All of the instructions I can come up with online (so far) are for scripts
that you just run from Windows. I haven't see many tutorials out there for
using Linux as the PC's OS when rooting a phone.

I run Windows as my primary OS right now, but I do also run Linux, and
frankly, would feel more comfortable rooting my phone with an old-hat way /
from Linux rather than use some script that does who-knows-what, so that I
can make sure this is done as securely as possible and I don't accidentally
put a rootkit on my phone that contains malware.

Any tips on how this is actually done? I have no clue what I'm doing (hence
why I'm doing it to my phone before I do it to my fiance's).

- David

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=============================================================== From: trevor noblitt ------------------------------------------------------ I am afraid it's a no go as far as linux scripts are concerned, that is unless you have a s3 with an unlocked bootloader. If you want something legit check XDA, they purge stuff quickly and it's pretty east to tell when something is not legit. You pretty much have to use someones custom method unless you have an unlocked bootloader/nexus/google edition phone. It's a lot more work then you would think, exploiting the bootloaders made by massive companies. It's really not that hard but for the love of god check your version numbers and compatibility before you brick your phone. I rooted a s3 a few weeks ago for a friend using this method:

=============================================================== From: David White ------------------------------------------------------ This is really helpful. Someone else emailed me directly and also suggested some docs on XDA's website (not this particular one, though). I think, for me, this question on Stack Exchange says it all (why I'm concerned with doing this right): As the op in that question said, the concern is that tools, docs, guides, etc... aren't centralized at all, and a lot of tools are just out there hosted on 3rd party (sometimes spammy) websites. I do know that rooting your phone *is not* illegal (see 2nd and 3rd paragraph of

=============================================================== From: David White ------------------------------------------------------ PS... Anyone with any sort of Google and tech kung-fu will be able to tell, but just to save you the 2 seconds.... Heimdall is open source, the code is on Github, and the official website is

=============================================================== From: James Nylen ------------------------------------------------------ Rooting Android phones is well worth it in my opinion, but you should probably spend at least a few hours reading up on the various methods and software available for your phone before you actually do anything. You want to understand all the pieces as well as you can, and like Trevor said, make sure the versions match for the different recovery and bootloader components.