ClearSkies open source file syning

From: Phil Shapiro 

Some news from Hacker News (YCombinator) 

This is a solution that works well for the Gig City. 



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=============================================================== From: William Roush ------------------------------------------------------ The closedness and reliance on the servers of Bittorrent Sync was one of my problems when I wrote a review on it (though you can jump through hoops to not rely on them): When I have open source alternatives like OwnCloud (which rocks BTW), I'd want something just as open for decentralized file syncing. I'm glad to see a project being worked on (err, somewhat, activity seems a bit stagnant), I'll have to poke at the source code after work today. I'm interested in how they battle the various issues that Bittorrent uses trackers & relays for. May have to spin up some VMs and play. William Roush 423-463-0592