SQLite , H2 , and embedded Mysql

From: Rod 

I'm looking into doing a few applications that will need a built in  
Mostly desktop but I could see doing apps in the future.
I was wondering if anyone had used the three possible candidates, SQLite,  
H2, or embedded MySql, and had suggestions.
Or if there was another candidate for an embedded database to use.
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=============================================================== From: Dan Lyke ------------------------------------------------------ On Sun, 23 Feb 2014 10:47:02 -0500 Rod wrote: SQLite rocks. It's fast (especially if you use transactions intelligently), has the standard SQL geographic extensions (SQLite). I like it. Looks to me like H2 is a Java thing. I find the Java run-time annoying enough that I have avoided Java-ing. I avoid anything with MySQL in the name or lineage like the plague. Especially now that I have substantial work experience with it. Dan

=============================================================== From: Benjamin Stewart ------------------------------------------------------ I've only done toy programs with it before, but yes, sqlite rocks. It's both faster and more compliant than mysql, and db management is a non-issue. As an added bonus, it's built in to every mobile platform.

=============================================================== From: Justin W Elam ------------------------------------------------------ Go with SQLite It is great for someone who has very 'light' needs =) Perfect for most anything a 'single' user needs without the overkill of running a server =) Or with another database engine depending on your use case ... like are you small business, regulated w/ compliance issues a la healthcare or treasury/finance ? , micro business, depends on which database solution you should use .... How much support do you need ? .... What about availability ? .... 100% vs 90 % .... Audit Issues ? .... Listed on a Stock Exchange or thinking of going public ?? How are you going to run your database ? ... Private Network, Public Network, Web .... different engines for different uses ... All questions .. you need to decide on .... and what type of issues in terms of gathering your data .... streams .... data in data out ... and garbage in garbage out .... do you need to be able to replicate what you did with code a la statistics and R ?.... do you need just something that is rock solid ? .... different strokes for different folks ... is your database