Makerspaces and Libraries

From: Dan Lyke 
Nate? Someone else? This is about school libraries, but...

RT Heather Moorefield ‏@actinginthelib

   Are you a public school librarian w/3d printers and/or a maker space
   in your library? If you would be willing to be interviewed, DM me.

=============================================================== From: Nate Hill ------------------------------------------------------ Yeah, the school library is another thing... terribly sad that those are disappearing. There are a few great leaders out there trying to fix the problem, look to @mtechman and @buffyjhamilton for example. re: the other thread abt makerspaces / conferences... myself and Meg Backus from the public library and Jason Griffey and Bo Baker from the UTC library just returned from a trip to Sparkfun Electronics out in CO. Amazingness. We're in the early phases of cooking up schemes with them to set up a temporary makerspace at the conference center for the American Library Association meeting in Las Vegas this summer. Happy to share info about all that w/ the list as it solidifies. N