Using a tablet as a music front-end

From: Dan Lyke 
I currently have a laptop running Linux plugged in to our stereo as
our music player. This is klunky and big.

I have a first gen iPad, and can see buying an Android 4.1 or 4.2
tablet (or may be able to repurpose an old 2.2 phone) to be a better
audio source.

Anyone got suggestions on how to serve either of these platforms off
of a Linux server? I see forked-daap, and there are a few daap clients
on Android and iOS (and the iOS one is old enough that it might not
have been 7-ified and still work on the 1st gen iPad).

Something else I'm not seeing? Spend the extra mumbledy for a 32 gig
tablet and just copy everything to it? Anyone done it?


=============================================================== From: Benjamin Stewart ------------------------------------------------------ I have not done it, but I believe daap is the native "iTunes Sharing" protocol. If forked-daap is kosher enough, iTunes on the iPad should (in theory) Just Work.

=============================================================== From: Dan Lyke ------------------------------------------------------ On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 1:38 PM, Benjamin Stewart wrote: It didn't seem to last night. I have since discovered that Apple changed the protocol since mt-daap now forked-daap implemented it, but there's an iOS daap client that I discovered today, and I've found a daap client for Android. I'm not on the home network right now so I can't test. Love it if I can find a CLI daap client so I can poke around a bit more from here... Dan

=============================================================== From: Chad Smith ------------------------------------------------------ First Gen iPads top out at iOS 5.1.1. If you own one (I do) you should jailbreak it. That said, I bought a 4.3" Android 4.2 Tablet at Big Lots for $29.99 - a 7" Android 4.2 Tablet at MicroCenter for $39.99 - and someone (who I don't know) gave me an Android 2.3 Cell Phone (with WiFi) for free. If you don't have Android yet, you should get it. *- Chad W. Smith*

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ Would chromecast serve your purpose? I have one on my Dolby receiver to stream YouTube and such as well as music from my phone. I maybe having a hard time picturing how you are wanting to setup the "jukebox"

=============================================================== From: Know Juan ------------------------------------------------------ Maybe check out nomachine: It looks like they finally have android in alpha, and if you help them beta test things, they'll usually hook you up with a beefy enterprise license if you want to tinker with it. Other than that, what are you using to actually play/serve the music on your linux box? Would PLEX work?

=============================================================== From: James Nylen ------------------------------------------------------ I use Subsonic for this (really to listen to my music on my phone while I'm on the road). It works reasonably well:

=============================================================== From: Dan Lyke ------------------------------------------------------ On Tue, 28 Jan 2014 07:41:17 -0500 Know Juan wrote: The music is stored on a Linux server, what I want is to have a tablet that I plug in to the stereo that can access the music on the Linux server and play it there. So Linux server on Tablet or what-have-you on a DHCP 192.168.1.x assigned address. Want an interface on the tablet to play music through the tablet headphone jack from the Linux server. It looks like forked-daap might work using the DAAP Android client (the iOS "simple daap client" just crashes in my iPad). Will dig in more deeply this evening, but after some fumbling I finally got it playing on my phone. I will also dig in a bit to NoMachine and SubSonic this evening. Dan

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ I have a SubSonic server running that has a substantial amount of music on it. My guess is that it will be perfect for your use case. There are some really good (and free) SubSonic apps in the Android market, and most of them have a really great interface. My favorite SubSonic Android app is DSub ( ). I think is less than $5 to buy it, but the developer is constantly releasing new updates and features. I think you also need to pay a small fee to SubSonic to allow use of mobile devices (I can't remember what I paid, but it was a very small reasonable fee). If you like, shoot me an email privately and I will give you the details to my SubSonic server so you can try it out to see if it fits your needs. You can connect to it using any of the free SubSonic android apps on the market to get a feel for it. I have my server hosted on my co-located machine so its accessible anywhere :)

=============================================================== From: DaWorm ------------------------------------------------------ I used to always look for a good excuse to upgrade my stereo, before wedded bliss curbed my tech spending. Many (most?) receivers now have DLNA client options, just plug in a network cable or USB wifi stick and play (assuming you have a DLNA server such as Plex or MythTV or even a NAS or router running on your network somewhere - oddly enough I have all four). Jeff.

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ my "tablet as a front end" setup consist of using connect-bot on my droid t= ablet to ssh into my linux box connected to home stereo, navigate to the ap= propriate artist/album folder, and play a song (or whole album with=A0 for = i in *; do mplayer $i; done) lol=0A=0Abut your email made me pontificate on= the possibility of (ab)using netcat as an audio streamer=A0 (I have linux-= for-android installed on my tablet)=0A=0Aso I went a-googling to see if net= cat was even a possibility and what would the droid audio device be known a= s, and thats when I found this...=0A=0A etails?id=3Dcom.georgie.SoundWireFree&hl=3Den=0A=0AI know nothing about it;= haven't used it, but it looks kinda promising=0A=0A=0A=0A=0A=0A

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ I'm currently using a Netbook for this, with an 80gb primary drive, and a large (300gb?) USB one that I copy stuff to/from when needed. I do it some with a Samsung tablet.. but it only has 16gb. I end up using my phone (a Note III) more, for travelling, etc.. I think my issue is, I like having the raw real mp3/ogg/aac files on something listed by directory structure. I pick a directory of the type of stuff I want, and hit random play in that directory, usually with VLC. Playlists and such all require too much pre-organization.

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ Mike, Thats why I use a streamer that supports ID3 tags. I can just tell my streamer to play "80's rock" and it will pick songs from my library that have that in their ID3 tags. It helps me organize my library like this: Artist --> Album ---> Song.mp3 and still be able to mix and match my music as I like. You can also edit your ID3 tags with other info that helps make music sorting /playing easy.

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ I understand that, and have done it, but: 1. It's too much work, 2. Most of the music I listen to gets classified as "unknown" or "other" My personal categories include listings like: BurnMusic (music that make me think of burning man) SpaceAliens ( and other long tracks) ChillTrance (long ambient smooth...) OddAssort... An I like just tossing things into directories. Been doing it that way a long time.