Dr. D., DC423 and QuadCoptor

From: Mike Harrison 

Went to the DC423.org meeting last night, saw an interesting presentation 
by  Stephen Hilt about a "leach" embedded controller he had built..
learned about "dronecell" a neat little GSM/GPRS module..added to a 
Raspberry Pi made an interesting useful remote device. Very small.

And Dr. D. kept playing with a nice little micro quadcopter... which I 
want to know which make/model that was because I need a cat tormenting 

=============================================================== From: Rod ------------------------------------------------------ what you didn't announce the meeting? Cool web page. I'll start monitoring freenode. On Sat, 25 Jan 2014 11:25:33 -0500, Mike Harrison wrote:

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ I forgot about it until 10 mintutes before when my phone alarm went off.. Their G+ feed is fairly active. It's a serious group.

=============================================================== From: Andrew Rodgers ------------------------------------------------------ http://www.amazon.com/Estes-4606-Proto-Nano-Quadcopter/dp/B00G924W98/ref=3D= sr

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ http://www.amazon.com/Estes-4606-Proto-Nano-Quadcopter/dp/B00G924W98/ref=3D= sr

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ I received my quadcop today :) Ed "shameless copycat" King ------------------------------

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ I got the Hubsan X4 today, the Nano is still on the way...On the third session (the battery only lasts a few minutes) I was able to hover and manuever pretty darn well. The cat is slightly amused. I'm taking it to work tomorrow, the building has a big empty 4th floor area. Should be blast. I'm considering these toys as "trainers" for a big one... someday..

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ I really want to enhance the batteries on my copter.

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ to hover and manuever pretty darn well. The cat is slightly amused.=0A=0A= =0Ayou're a lot better at it than I am...=A0=A0 I have yet to keep mine in = the air for more than, oh, 2 seconds.=A0=A0=A0 it might fly better if it wa= sn't constantly covered in dog slobber.=A0=A0 =0A

=============================================================== From: Benjamin Stewart ------------------------------------------------------ I thought about the same thing on my Syma. Increasing the battery size rapidly increases the weight though, and then it still flies like when it has low batteries! Maybe I need bigger motors, too...