Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund for Nonprofits

From: David White 
I just sent this email to several of my clients and other nonprofits with
whom I have a relationship here in Chattanooga. I thought many of you would
be interested in this as well:

Friends, Clients and Colleagues:
I'm writing to let you know about an exciting opportunity, available to
Chattanooga-based nonprofits and educational institutions. Please consider
helping me spread the word, and inviting those in your networks to attend
this exciting event. You can also view this letter at">

Last November, Mozilla announced the Mozilla Gigabit Community
Following the larger Mozilla Ignite Apps Challenge
the Gigabit Community Fund is only made available to the cities of
Chattanooga, TN and Kansas City, MO due to our easy access to gigabit-speed

On February 6, 2014, Mozilla will host a Gigabit Community Kickoff Event at
the 4th Floor of the
partnership with the National Science Foundation, Department of
Education, and US Ignite), making available *$150,000 to area
nonprofits*to support development and experimentation of education and
development-focused uses of emerging technologies.

As an IT professional heavily involved with the nonprofit community in
Chattanooga, I have agreed to participate in this kickoff event by
facilitating some of the sessions and helping educators, nonprofits and
technologists like yourself conceptualize ideas for projects (websites and
internet applications) that could take advantage of high-speed internet for
the good of the community. We at Develop CENTS
are also helping to promote the event.

If you are an educator, nonprofit organization, community activist, or a
technologist, please consider joining us on Thursday, February 6, at

Until then, please begin to think about some of your organization's
greatest needs and how internet applications that rely on high-speed
internet could meet those needs. Again, your project will ultimately need
to address an educational or workforce development problem, and should rely
on Chattanooga's gigabit internet.

If you're unsure what this could look like, then simply begin by writing
down your organization's pain points. Folks including myself will be
available throughout the day to help mesh your needs with concrete ideas
and examples of websites or internet applications that could help meet
those needs.

Mozilla=92s mission is to build a web where people know more, do more and d=
better. The goal of the Fund is to:

   1. Build a network of educators, designers, catalysts and technologists
   building prototypes of projects that leverage gigabit technology as
   learning platforms
   2. Empower educators to explore and experiment with cutting edge
   learning tools
   3. Teach both the production and application of tools designed to deepen
   the learning of its users
   4. Shape the environments for what is possible and needed in the
   emerging gigabit economy

To RSVP and learn more about this event, please visit this Eventbrite
registration page:
David White

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David White
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