Intel announces Edison at CES

From: Phil Shapiro 

From Ars Technica - a Linux computer the size of an SD card=20

" The executive also touted Intel=E2=80=99s new Edison chip, which appears =
to be a more sophisticated answer to the Raspberry Pi=E2=80=94it=E2=80=99s =
a 22nm dual core chip with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and ultra low power in=
 the size of an SD card. Edison, Krzanich said, will be available in mid-20=
14. The idea, so far, seems to be to integrate this chip into various small=
 devices, such as a smart baby blanket, bottle warmer, and other similar de=
vices. Intel did not yet release much in the way of technical specification=
s, price, or availability.=20

In addition to showing off this next wave of tech, Intel announced a contes=
t to encourage others to create similar (and hopefully better) devices. Say=
ing the company "didn't want to limit Edison to what we could think of," Kr=
zanich invited people from across the globe to participate in Intel's Make =
It Wearable contest. The basics are that the company will put forth $1.3 mi=
llion in prizes for potential Edison implementations, and the Top 10 conten=
ders will get connected with industry professionals to bring the winning pr=
oduct ideas to market. Intel has not yet revealed official contest details =
such as deadlines and rules."=20


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