Dell Venue Pro windows 8.1 tablet review....

From: Phil Sieg 
So I got one of these yesterday to satisfy my curiosity.

8" screen with 1280x800 rez. 32gb, 2 mb ram atom quad core processor (64bit) and micro sd card slot. 10 hour battery. Full Windows, not the neutered soon to be forgotten RT version.

Very nice construction and feel, snappy processor, beautiful responsive touch screen all for $250 ish.

I HATE WINDOWS...but I got this because it is the ONLY tablet that will print to anything and has a desktop interface and file folder hierarchy as well as the "metro" tablet interface.

So far I am very impressed with the hardware, and its potential. I am also disgusted with the Microsoft app store and their pitiful support for Metro apps.

Right now the most glaring omission is a great email app on the tablet (Metro) side. The quasi outlooky thingy that is included sucks ass. 

I think if Ballmer's replacement is quasi competent, this is a sleeping giant. Stick this into a keyboard folio and you actually have an honest to god laptop replacement that doubles as a fine tablet for ebooks, netflix, browsing, and quick email reads.

Here it is booting into Ubuntu from USB:

Nice little piece of kit. Don't know if I will keep it, depends on what launches at CES next week.

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