American companies respond to new NSA hacking claims

From: David White 
This is interesting:

Here's a direct link to several of the NSA documents referenced in this

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=============================================================== From: William Roush ------------------------------------------------------ I was hoping discussions from companies that do stuff like run cell towers, which we've KNOWN have been stupidly insecure for ages (the NSA pays $50k for a kit, but there have been discussions on doing it for much cheaper way before all this...). I'm interested what happens when we start pointing fingers at those that were TOO LAZY to implement decent security as opposed to security compromises that are seriously difficult to combat that we've dealt with since computers have been around. There is a huge difficulty in locking down people able to attach things to your mainboard (physical security compromised, all bets off, yadda yadda). Also, LOL at HP's response, oh typical clueless HP. William Roush

=============================================================== From: Matt Keys ------------------------------------------------------ Just a quick note that article was not written by me -- that's the dude that was busted helping Anonymous last year.