Open Data Specialist job at Chattanooga Public Library

From: Nate Hill 
Apologies for the cross-postings.

We're searching high and low for an exceptional candidate for the Open Data
Specialist job here at the Chattanooga Public Library.  As a partner in a
Knight Foundation Community Information grant, we're raising and supporting
an open data portal hosted by the public library.  Now, instead of finding
government (and other) data in useless, clumsy volumes of print, the
community will be able to build interactions and applications that actually
use the library as a platform.  We'll start with the typical civic data
Code for America type stuff, but we hope to expand the portal to include
other types of datasets to support citizen science projects and more.

If you know anyone who is right for this role, please pass them the link.
 Or apply yourself!  Working here is AWESOME!

Nate Hill