3d printer for sale..

From: Mike Harrison 

Saw this, thought I would spread the word:



3D Printer MakerFarm 8" i3

The world of 3d printing, being able to print almost anything you can 
think of, with tons of free support, information through blogs. This is a 
personal 3d printer that is well reviewed.

Technical information:
Configured with .40mm Magma hothead for 3mm ABS filament, Greg's extruder, 
heat bed, LED lighting, LCD display (for printing without PC), 8"x8"x7.25" 
build envelope, RAMPS 1.4 electronics, 50 micron later height. Open source 
software can be used (such as Pronterface and Sli3r) to operate printer.

Willing to deliver depending on distance for an extra fee. Call 
256/302-1378 Stephen

=============================================================== From: James Nylen ------------------------------------------------------ FYI - I just tried to call and got a Verizon "number disconnected" message.