Looking to upgrade my system

From: John Aldrich 
My current motherboard only holds a maximum of 4 Gigs of RAM (yeah..  
these days systems START at 4 Gigs. ) So, I'm looking to  
upgrade. I'd like to spend around $150 for a motherboard AND CPU  
combo. Prefer AMD, but I'm willing to consider Intel. Obviously going  
UEFI is probably mandatory, but if there's a way to disable UEFI, then  
that would be awesome. :)

Looking on Amazon and there are a lot of options. Personally, I'd like  
to have space to add a video card and disable any on-board video at a  
later date, so a slot for a good video card would be preferable.

Looking for specific suggestions around $150 for a combination.  
Definitely no more than $200.