Off Topic: Anyone TIG/MIG welding Aluminum

From: Mike Harrison 

I'm going to need some high grade aluminum framework for a project
nicely welded.. Kinda big pieces and they need to look nice, or at least, 
look nice after some grinding and polishing. I can stick weld aluminum and 
when I am lucky, it sticks.. but it ain't very pretty.

Willing to pay for good strong attractive welds, am making a custom 
carrier frame for the back of my RV.. I'd like it to look nice.

The machine shops I used to use for such projects are all out of business.

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Try to find a TIG versus a MIG, TIG will give a cleaner weld for aluminium. I'd offer, but my TIG welder is busted and I'm out of shield gas anyways.