Atlanta Mini Maker Faire is tomorrow!

From: Jason Brown 
Tomorrow is the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire!!

I'm going, anyone else from the list?

--Jason Brown

=============================================================== From: Jason Griffey ------------------------------------------------------ I'll be there with LibraryBox, got a table and everything. Come say hi! Jason

=============================================================== From: Tim Youngblood ------------------------------------------------------ Very cool stuff with the solar add on, Jason.

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Depending on where it is I may show up

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ I was going to be there with my step-daughter. Instead I'm far far away... She is volunteering (staff) this weekend, look her up and say "hi". Her name is Louise, she goes by Lou. She's a stunning (looks like her mom) uber-intelligent young woman. She's a senior code-monkey at AT&T and has become quite the "maker" even though she was always picking on our projects. Her latest foray is a motorcycle, and converting an antique typewriter into a working keyboard. She's got a steampunk/goth bent...She is the type of girl that taught herself C, out of frustration with Java. Worth knowing. Seek her out and say "Hi". Warning: She is recently out of a long relationship and is actively seeking "a real man".

=============================================================== From: gary hasty ------------------------------------------------------ I'll be there around noon with my son