OT: security vs marketing: flaunting the secret sauce

From: Ed King 
if/when your company upgrades its servers after a 6 year lapse, do you flau=
nt the upgrade to your clients or keep your mouth shut because it has been =
6 years since last upgrade?=A0=A0 in what case would it be wise to "impress=
" clients by telling them them too much technical detail of your servers/in=
frastucture, given that some of clients are always shopping around therefor=
e they talk to your competitors?=A0=A0 =0A=0Amore on topic:=A0=A0=A0 if you=
r system is built upon LAMP stack...=A0 do you toot that horn, or keep quie=
t?=A0=A0 =0A=0Alet me guess...=A0 "it depends"=A0 :)