Verizon Data Usage metrics

From: David White 
Verizon is claiming that I used 1-3GB of data last month. As  network
engineer, I know that's not possible, and I know that I've never come close
to using 1-3 GB of data on my phone.

Does anyone know how Verizon calculates their data usage, and what I can do
to go about monitoring / calculating my data usage for hard evidence?

This is a Galaxy S3, not rooted.

I know I haven't used that much data, but according to Verizon's built-in
data usage app, I've used less than 200mb (aside from the fact that I have
a good idea of how much data 1GB equals, and know I didn't come close to
using that much).

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=============================================================== From: Tim Youngblood ------------------------------------------------------ Not sure of the version nor broken facade thanks to Samsung you may be running on your S3 but...for me on my S4 Play Edition (pure Android) I have a way to monitor battery and data usage as well as set limits for the latter. Settings > Data Usage

=============================================================== From: David White ------------------------------------------------------ That's exactly what I'm using to monitor data usage. It has never shown more than 300mb before. I'm going to call Verizon later. My brother (lawyer in the family, not IT guy) has talked to them a bit, but Im going to talk to them from an IT perspective and get them to explain their reasoning to me. If it doesn't fly, I will gather all the data I can, and my brother and I will be having a chat. We're on the same family plan.

=============================================================== From: James Nylen ------------------------------------------------------ Have you thought about running all traffic on your Android device through OpenVPN? It's probably a good idea anyway, and it doesn't require root. Then you could monitor traffic usage using whatever your normal tools are for your home network. I haven't done this yet, but here are some links that may be useful:

=============================================================== From: James Nylen ------------------------------------------------------ Also, I wish you all the luck in the world when talking to the Verizon support flunkies - you'll need at least some of it.

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Quoting David White : Hmm...I have an S3 and I have the same app and I've got it set to cut off data if I go anywhere close to my 2 Gig "limit." So far it hasn't happened. I haven't looked at what Verizon says I am using though.

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ The most I've ever used is 2 GB, and that was on Sprint. I love virtual unlimited 4g

=============================================================== From: Tim Youngblood ------------------------------------------------------ Or you could just not beat your head against a wall and go with straighttalk/net10 for $45/month. I did this and haven't looked back since the end of last year. Verizon is a rip off. The service I have now is better and 30% of what I was paying.

=============================================================== From: James Nylen ------------------------------------------------------ Bleh, we should probably switch to a plan like this. Can I use my own phone (or root, and get a decent ROM) with any of these services?

=============================================================== From: Tim Youngblood ------------------------------------------------------ Yes. Yes. Phil?

=============================================================== From: David White ------------------------------------------------------ Apparently they said I used 1.3gb of data in the last billing cycle (not 1-3gb which would be a wide range of "possible amount of data used"). Something still smells fishy though: According to Settings -> Data Usage, I've never used over 300mb within a 30-day period before, and according to those same metrics, this past month has been near the peak of amount of data I've ever used on the phone. When I login to my account on Verizon under my cell phone number, for this billing cycle (ending in 9 days from today), as of 4:30pm this afternoon, I've only used 0.31GB of data. I'm taking screen shots of everything, and we'll be logging into the master account shortly to review the data usage from last billing cycle according to Verizon's website. Either way, great comments all around. I'm almost done building in a VPN server (running OpenVPN) on one of my CentOS boxes facing the public internet, but am running into a couple of weird routing / firewall issues I haven't been able to get past. Once I figure that out, I'll connect my phone to that for a perpetual connection, and I'll also start using that for my self whenever I'm on public Wifi.

=============================================================== From: wes ------------------------------------------------------ Verizon/Sprint and AT&T/t-mobile phones won't cross over. Even within the same technology branches, there are issues. Like AT&T and t-mobile use different frequencies for their 3G connections, so if you take your AT&T phone and put a t-mobile SIM in it, you'll only get EDGE network connections & speeds. you'll want to find one of the discount providers that re-sells the network you're already on. straight talk does all of them I think, while some like Page Plus only do 1 network. you will need to unlock your phone if it's locked (most are). this may or may not involve rooting it first, depending on the specific phone. -wes

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Wes all phones are tri or quad band, its what allows you to roam. All radios are able to interact with the 3G radios of any other service provider, the only thing differentiating that is your ESN. 4G was ORIGINALLY more radio strict, but 4G LTE is cross carrier capable There are only two standard carrier freqs for 3G anyways, at least in the US

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ Hmmm.. That's why I have a long standing credit report hit from Verizon. Many years ago they hit me with a $700 data usage charge for my Motorola Q. I spent several visits and many hours fighting them. Gave up. Went AT&T. I'm on T-Mobile now.. but it seems like their network has been sucking a lot lately (or my Note II has gotten flaky) and I may go back to AT&T. Even now, my on-mobile-network data usage is typically 200-300MB/month unless I am travelling a lot, even then it's