Road Server Project

From: Mike Harrison 

Nancy and I bought a new RV yesterday, the next project will be turning
a netbook/notebook into an access device and server.

My goal is that it'd provide a consistent Wifi interface and network 
inside of the RV for a tablet/phone and a couple of laptops.
I've been collecting gear including a high range wifi antenna (a 
directional and an omni) - the goal is to merge a combination of WiFi
that I can suck (legally and with permission) and one (or more)
cell uplinks.

I've done some googling, and found some commercial "all in one" boxes for 
this, but me, being me, would love to roll my own on Linux.

My questions for the group:

   Am I insane? (probably)

   Is this a Raspberry Pi-ish project (That might be fun)

   Anyone seen any magic for managing multiple changing upstream 
connections or am I having fun with iptables and routeing commands via 
some perl scripts (which I know how to do..)?  It's been a while since I 
did these types of things.


Mike Harrison  cell: 423.605.6943

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Rasberry Pi can make a decent router so its entirely possible.

=============================================================== From: Joe Freeman ------------------------------------------------------ It is definitely something you can do with a raspi. I put something similar together a bit ago using a b model raspi, a usb 4g dongle, and a linksys wrtg-54 running dd-wrt. There are also some wireless routers that'll run dd-wrt and also have a USB port that can be used with a USB 4g dongle, as well. I think the biggest issue you'll have is getting enough power using the raspi. It typically likes at least 1000ma at 5v itself, and doesn't provide much current to the usb ports, so people often use powered usb hubs with it.

=============================================================== From: Matt Keys ------------------------------------------------------ You should be able to do this with pfsense and the gateway tiers for load balance/failover. I don't think pfsense will run on pi quite yet, though. It'd need to be at least an atom box and supported wifi adapters.

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ I have an Asus that will do that, but the Wifi is for downstream and the USB 4G is an alternative upstream to the ethernet jack. Adding a Pi or netbook as an additional upstream Wifi "seeker" and "leach" might be the effective use.. Power is not a problem, I'm replacing a old style TV set... and putting geekdom in it's place. Ascii art should look correct with a fixed font: --- | WifiAntenna | | Pi running as router | Ethernet | / GSM Dongle | / [ Access point] | | | Local-Net Wifi/Cat 5 for RV such.. I'm finding an awesome selection of replacement units for the Cassette playing (no CD) indash stereo like this:

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ And as I already have one.. (an Atom netbook with a high gain USB wifi adapter.. ) that might be the way because it has a screen and interface. I've just been looking for a reason to play with a Pi. ;)

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ it ain't an RV until it has disco lights!=A0=A0 (some shag carpet would be = nice too)=0A=0A=0AI've been in contact with the dude who programmed console= candy (command line mp3 player with ascii-art spectrum) to let him know tha= t I intend to add alsa support to his program, but I suppose I could just a= s easily "borrow" the ascii-art functions from consolecandy and add them to= mplayer.=A0 why?=A0 because alsa mp3 players dont seem to hang on my rpi t= he way mp3 players using oss-emulation do. =A0 so that's about where I'm at= with my disco lights rpi project... =A0 I haven't gave up on it yet ;)=0A= =0A=0A=0A

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Quoting Mike Harrison : [snip]

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Is it a diesel rv?

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ Funny, when I saw this one a few days ago, and researched them,

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Ah well.