HTML export from OpenOffice Impress works great

From: Phil Shapiro 
Check out what I was able to create in OpenOffice Impress today. You just choose 
Export from the File menu and it creates lovely HTML files. 

Navigation is via the text links at the top of the screen.   

This presentation looks nicer in Chrome than Firefox - for some reason. 



Phil Shapiro, 

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=============================================================== From: Chad Smith ------------------------------------------------------ That is a cool feature. I don't usually use OpenOffice - but if I can, I always try to have it installed - even if I have other office suites that I use more often. Just because there are things - like this - that it can do that other ones can't. And no other office suite is able to run on my Android, my Mac, and my work Windows PC. is what introduced me to the world of open source. It is super cool. *- Chad W. Smith*