Bitcoins: It's all about cash, that is, the real stuff

From: Mike Robinson 
> Now, mining has largely become a matter of getting your hands on the =
> miners [[ early enough to generate a profit (barring another bubble). =
]] There
> are [[ very few ]] [[ technical ]] barriers to mining other than cash. =
Right now, that
> requires a minimum $5K [[ investment ]] and [[ may ]] not deliver =
returns [[ any time soon
> (if at all). ]] [[ That is, barring another bubble. ]]

"There are none so blind as those who will not see."

YES, "there are NO technical barriers to 'mining.'"  Other than the =
O-N-E ... T-H-I-N-G ... that actually matters to the clever =
mathematicians who conceived of it: =20


You're paying $5,000 USD for "a magical money machine," and it's =
S-L-O-W-L-Y dawning on you that the words which I have enclosed in [[ =
double brackets ]] can be omitted entirely from these sentences.

You're being very cleverly suckered.  It's as simple as that.  And, =
you're pouring serious money ( >=3D $5000 USD ) into "the same damn con" =
that has been foisted upon "clever, smart" (sic) people, well, since =
time began.

"Public-key cryptography" is designed around a truly-intractable (so far =
as we know ...) mathematical problem. Whereas "bitcoin" is designed =
around a =3Ddifficult=3D problem (at least, "difficult" in the way that =
all of you have been taught to approach it ...), yet "not so difficult =
that it cannot be, by sheer brute force, periodically solved."  A =
quarter has to drop out of the one-armed bandit now and then, just to =
keep the suckers going.  Obviously, there IS a "private key" to this =
puzzle, and, equally obviously, you don't have it.  All of this is =
plenty good enough to enable people to sell you(!) these mathematical =
one-armed bandits for $5,000 USD a pop.

There is no "bubble."  There is only:  "sucker."

" ... and two to take him."