Graphics for blog post about Chatt

From: Phil Shapiro 
Hi chugaluggers, 

Yesterday's blog post about open source in Chatt had a very nice graphics of a cityscape that originally was published with the blog post. Apparently that graphics is used for some other purposes on this web site, so we're on the lookout for another eye-grabbing graphics. 

In case there's anyone in Chugalug who likes to create graphics, the requirements are 
520x292, png Maybe something with penguins in it? 

Jason Hibbets is the very nice editor of this web site. See 

You can reach him at Running this web site is his full time job. 

This is not an important need, but I just wanted to check if anyone in Chugalug has the time and interest to create some graphics. 


Hmmm, maybe a map of the eastern half of the United States with Chatt indicated as a star and scattered penguins with arrows pointing from the penguin to Chatt (indicating that the penguins are moving towards Chatt). 

Here is a public domain tux that could be used 


Phil Shapiro, 

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