Mo Jobs: IT Tech

From: Mike Harrison 

Trying to keep my fellow Linux nutcases employed:


Miller & Martin is seeking candidates for an IT Technician position. 
Below is a job description.  Resumes can be submitted to Office 
Administrator Phillip Johnson at

Suite 1000 Volunteer Bldg.
832 Georgia Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37402


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=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ My apologies: Converted to plain text so it would stay in mailing list. re: Miller and Martin ----------------------------------------------------- Position Title: IT Desktop Support Technician Direct Report: Information Technology Manager General Description: Provide hardware and software support for end user workstations Duties and Responsibilities: Primary Duties: applications including but not limited to: Windows 7, Office 2010, iManage, RightFax, etc. Provide level 2 support to resolve helpdesk problem tickets Setup, image and maintain computers, including hardware and software configurations Maintain equipment inventory records Deploy and maintain printers including server print queue management and general hardware maintenance of printers Relocate computers and printers as necessary Other Duties: Support for network cabling problems including patch cable and wall jack repairs Maintain and administer user records for RightFax, Unity Voicemail, and Blackberry Maintain and administer mobile devices Video conference coordination and equipment operation Telephone moves and programming coordination Position Requirements Associates degree in computer information systems or equivalent industry certification such as A+ or MCP Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and people skills Customer service oriented and quality driven Ability to work in a team environment Good organizational habits not only to keep up with tasks, but to keep a clean, efficient work environment