commands line fu

From: Unkmar 
I no longer take my fu for granted. I'm may not be the best. I can hold my
own. Here his a glimpse of some tools I use fairly frequently.

You have some files that you need to commit, and you have lots of files
that have aren't being added but clutter your svn status.

svn status gives you a long list of files starting with ? letting you know
they aren't under you version control

svn status | grep -v '^?'

There we go.  Cleared the clutter of files we aren't adding.

svn status | grep '^M'

Now we have a clean list of files that have been modified.  Let's get fancy.

svn status | sed 's/^. *//'

That gives the list of files without the prefixes.  I can redirect the
output to a file for mangling or use it directly.

svn commit `svn status | grep '^A' | sed 's/^A *//'` # only commit files
that are scheduled to be Added.

=============================================================== From: James Nylen ------------------------------------------------------ I know some basic git fu. I switched from svn to git 3-4 years ago when I got fed up with the ass-backwards way that svn handles moving files around. I think git's architecture is superior to svn's in many ways, but to each their own.