Google Nexus

From: John Aldrich 
Does Google make a version of their tablet that has connectivity OTHER  
than WiFi? Looking on their website it appears to be WiFi only. :(

=============================================================== From: Tyler Mittan ------------------------------------------------------ I think the Nexus 7 has 3G.. I could be wrong, though. I don't think the 10 has 3G. And I also am under the impression there is a new Nexus 7 coming soon.

=============================================================== From: Eric Wolf ------------------------------------------------------ Let me Google that Google for you:

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Quoting Eric Wolf :

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Quoting Tyler Mittan : Yeah. That's what I'm seeing... the 10" has nothing but Wi-Fi. And the 10" is what I was wanting. :( I guess I could get a Verizon hot-spot.... *sigh*

=============================================================== From: William Wade ------------------------------------------------------ Might want to try freedom pop if all you need is 3g. Wil

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Might want to try freedom pop if all you need is 3g. Wil Never heard of 'em. Got a link?

=============================================================== From: Chad Smith ------------------------------------------------------ I am beginning to think your office has Google on a blacklist or something. First result. *- Chad W. Smith*

=============================================================== From: William Wade ------------------------------------------------------ Coupon'd link:

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Hmm...interesting. How's their coverage?

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Oh, crap! They use SPRINT!?!? That's almost as bad as T-mobile which is what my current tablet has! :( I want something BETTER than T- mobile, not something as bad or worse!

=============================================================== From: William Wade ------------------------------------------------------ I use Republic Wireless which uses Sprint 3G as a backup to the Wifi VoIP. It works fairly well around Chattanooga. One or two holes that I know of, but most places around here either have Wifi or the coverage. If you want something to work as everywhere as possible, then Verizon is the only one that can offer that. If you want a hotspot that works 90% of the places you will use it and it is ok for it not to work 10% of the locations you want, then Freedom Pop is the best price out there.