Off-topic -- case fan power connector

From: John Aldrich 
Hey, guys...
A few days ago I posted that I'd gotten a great case that was keeping my 
Athlon X2 linux box cooler than my old case. Well, I have run into a bit of a 
snag... nothing too bad, and it was something I figured I could solve, but I'm 
pretty much out of ideas on this one.

As I think I mentioned, the case came with several fans pre-installed, 
including a 200mm side fan. There's where the sticking point is. It has a 
special connector that apparently is supposed to plug into the motherboard, 
but my motherboard doesn't have a connector for it. In fact the only "fan" 
connectors on the motherboard are for the CPU fan.

I bought a couple different power adapters online and none of 'em seem to have 
the right adapter for this. It's a 4-wire connector with tabs on the side to 
lock into the power tap on the motherboard. Any suggestions on how to fix this, 
other than hacking it and putting a new connector on it????