From: Bogdana Rakova 
Hey guys!

What is a good fraework about creating Dashboards using javascript, jQuery,

I found a couple of things:

   - packery - http://metafizzy.co/blog/packery-preview/
   - http://masonry.desandro.com/
   - http://dashingdemo.herokuapp.com/sampletv

... but I still don't know what would be best and I'm sure there are many
others I don't know about. Have you used any dashboarding library? What do
you think about it or others?


Bogdana Rakova,
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=============================================================== From: James Nylen ------------------------------------------------------ When someone says dashboard, I think of an interactive graph/chart/etc used to visualize data. In which case you should look into d3: http://d3js.org/ I don't know much about it but I'm very interested in learning more. However, from your examples, it seems like you mean something different.

=============================================================== From: Bogdana Rakova ------------------------------------------------------ Hi, yes! We have been using d3 up to now and I did a lot of stuff with it but I realised that it's too much custom work. I need something that would allow us to have multiple widgets and just arrange them in tiles by dragging and dropping. We already have developed the widgets I just need the dashboard-related features. Do you know of other frameworks? Thanks for your reply! best, Bobi ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Bogdana Rakova, Hutgrip | Agilart | skype: b.rakova | +1 423 2557936 | @bobirakova

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ I've been doing simple things with 'Flot' and some CSS / Data Tables, but you just nailed it. "something different", everyone seems to have their own idea of what a "dashboard" is or should be, even for the same application. Bobbi: If you are doing things with large amounts of data (more than 1000 points) or floating point math, you'll note that JavaScript can suck if you don't deal with those issues appropriately.

=============================================================== From: Bogdana Rakova ------------------------------------------------------ You're absolutely right! I already have some solution for that and now I want to make it more shiny by adding the dashboard functionality. I will just use packery https://github.com/metafizzy/packery ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Bogdana Rakova, Hutgrip | Agilart | skype: b.rakova | +1 423 2557936 | @bobirakova

=============================================================== From: Sean Brewer ------------------------------------------------------ You don't need JavaScript to shoot yourself in the foot with floating point math. Try 0.1 * 0.1 in your favorite language.