From: Mike Robinson 
There DEFINITELY is a cultural difference to be found, everywhere in the =
country.  You've never flown until you've flown three hours with a =
plane-load of Valley Girl cheerleaders on their way from San Diego to a =
competition.  "Like, totally."

If you -want- to live somewhere else, then computers are a very good =
ticket to ride.  But they're also very nice in that, if you simply look =
outside "the recruiter box," you can find opportunities to work just =
about anywhere. =20

The industry's serious infatuation with H-1B Visas and the like, =
forgetting the ice-cream store admonition that "... and those who =
consider price alone are that man's lawful PREY," is a serious issue =
right now for American skilled labor.  They are $l$o$b$b$y$i$n$g$ =
$v$e$r$y$ $h$a$r$d$ $f$o$r$ $i$t$ right now, and it seems to be =
especially prominent in .. Silicon Valley, where the costs of everything =
are sky-high and loyalty is nil.

The chief feature of companies in the Bay Area is, "the Campus."  =
Everyone's got one and is building another.  If Steve Jobs' plans =
proceed as planned without Steve, Apple's next "infinite loop" will =
literally be a loop.  (But I'm not sure they're going to like it any =
more than DOD likes the Pentagon.)  The ideal employee is a single, or =
divorced, young- to middle-aged person who fits right in with what those =
workplaces actually are:  "The Company Town."  (If you're not divorced =
now, you soon will be, but look, you're Doing Such Cool Things ...)