Linked-in endorsements

From: Ed King 
someone that I've never worked with before but who knows that I'm a "comput=
er guy" just endorsed me for:=A0=A0=A0 IIS

what's next?=A0 will someone will endorse me for Visual Basic?=A0=A0 DOS 3.=
3?=A0 9 pin printers?=A0=20

ps: yes, I can do IIS and VB, but I don't advertise it.=A0=20

pss:=A0 for the hell of it, I added a new skill, "Patience" just to see if =
anyone would endorse it, and yes, someone did.=A0=A0=A0=20

I guess my question is, what is the value of this endorsement system, if en=
dorsements can be obtained so freely?

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 If you haven't worked with them, why are they in your connections? AFAIK you can only endorse your connections. I also have a long list of user-submitted/clicked skills I would have never listed myself. Some I appreciated, others I did not :) I actually remember the notification when you added it. I chuckled, for what it's worth.... Linkedin in general has succumb to the "facebook frenzy". It was useful when people actually connected to others that they knew and were in a position to endorse/recommend. I suppose it is what you make of it..... Regards, dtb -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.17 (MingW32) Comment: Using GnuPG with Thunderbird - iQEcBAEBAgAGBQJRyJbRAAoJEMP+wtEOVbcd8foIAIYrSEfO/jAIsY6nQZKEl+bL yr328eJKURKXWk3H1W5ZTYFuMRp+cRm1Yu/9dxmLcJ5OqhDftQN+gYENDk977+Bn KSIsuV2OFSmEERlDUrTn+kYYVs7+nTd9iD0R4wJlDJuMkWT6wIhiR8o3hPIEH2d9 8ey5GWNDKsWAzqpteX+sUpoVgDXRyTrnC0yWVZ0oZ4Gte8vGzWWeHZMEc1TqobWF n0jghGwPq+32z1cMHSQMToYLnls2f+ZXQJgfv0fQ78GcZ9hNoCZwFWxywd3nTMzX LypEyGMPz99H6r1gdMhl2zQe/e2Qo/4k4eswwchF6UtIJxj7PaFyDa6cADbvtNg= =2C6Q -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

=============================================================== From: Rod-Lists ------------------------------------------------------ maybe it is your old ms cohorts from the county stalking you. ----- Ed King wrote:

=============================================================== From: Dan Lyke ------------------------------------------------------ I have the largest number of endorsements for Python, a language which I've used for some personal projects but have only once been paid to work in (and none of my endorsers know of that gig, which took lasted about an hour and a half.) This despite begging for "Okra Folding" endorsements. And I really appreciate the "Rubbing oil on wood" and "Subversion" endorsements. *I* know that the latter has nothing to do with version control, and I hope the random reader comes to similar conclusions... Dan

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ It's a great idea lacking any credibility or reference. Except for the chicken and egg problem, I'd only really want/trust endorsements from people with serious ties (worked for/with) that person for skills in which they themselves had skill/endorsements. or maybe something like: "Any Nobody" says Dan Lyke knows Perl: +.1 Mike (me) says Dan Lyke knows Perl: +1 Larry Wall (creator of Perl) says Dan Lyke knows Perl: +10

=============================================================== From: "32cstyle ." ------------------------------------------------------ I have had some people do that for me too. I have to admit, I've done as well. I did it mostly for people I knew but haven't worked with. However, I know they are good at what they do. I have a connections with Mike from the group. I have seen his coding and networking abilities at his place of business. Do I know if he's the PHP guru? Yes and no. I know he's a puriest and can code without an IDE. I haven't seen him make a full CMS, but just looking at some of the things he's shown me I think he could. Plus, I don't think he would be in business if he couldn't do the job. So, I guess it's kinda a gray area for me. However, I do try to keep it with people I know. Sometimes when the endorsement box pops up it's so annoying I just click endorse to get it out of the way. Some people faces come up at random so when you click endorse all you get the blessings to all benefit.

=============================================================== From: James Nylen ------------------------------------------------------ Am I the only one around here who hates social networking?

=============================================================== From: "32cstyle ." ------------------------------------------------------ No, Linkedin is the only thing I'm on. I only used it for a resume builder. However, I have been on it more and more lately.

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ Laughing, It's a Love+Hate thing with me. Chugalug, for example is a very specific form of Social Networking. My issue is with the Google/Facebook side of social networking where they try to assemble one "me" from many sources and glue them all together and glue all of those parts together. Heck. might as well just link everything/everyone on the internet together. But "Social networking" is important, when done correctly. I met Nancy (my wife) on Very social networking. I'm proudly a member of many very different communities, with radically different goals, ideas, structures and rules. And I'm a slightly different personal, a "persona" or facade in each of them. All true to me, but a different part of me. Am I an uber pro-foss arrogant geek bastard, a helpful mentor, an employer, a respected IT consultant and programmer... Linux nutcase. Using G+ metaphors: In another circle I am a "sound-man", DJ (when coerced), dancer, drummer... In another circle I am a cave explorer, vertical rope technical and rigger.. In another I make things, weld, drill, machine.. and blow them up / burn them down.. In another circle.. (you get the idea) I attempt to keep a professional appearance on Linked In, which has been good for business and personal. While I like to swim, I don't swim in sewers, so no FaceSplatSpace.. and in my more personal social circles, there is no regional overlap to the ones listed above. ie: You aren't going to see my connection to the Elvis Impersonators Guild overlapping with Chugalug. Oh. Yeah. Guess I just let that out of the bag. But you get the idea. Anyone want to buy an Elvis wig and white blingly jumpsuit? The visual dade you cringe, didn't it? That's why the overlap can be a bad thing.

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ I like social networking, because I get to rarely see the people I like in real life anymore

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ You nailed it. It enables us to be very selective in who/what/why/how/when we communicate. I was thinking about you today, as I contemplated buying an old RV and fixing it up.. realizing I might be spending more in upgrades and maintenance on the beast of a pre-fuel injected 460 Ford than it was worth. I was thinking: Diesel, with a biodiesel reactor ala Dave's Bus: Of course, it's have a Linux powered IT infrastructure.. maybe small unit monitoring the biodielsel converter. Time to go sling some code..

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Let me know. Best bet: Buy an old school bus, or if you can find one, an old Detroit Diesel powered City bus. Detroits are monsters, hard to kill, and if you find a two stroke they sound like Satan himself has risen to help get you to the campground. I can help with maintenance and repairs.

=============================================================== From: Mike Robinson ------------------------------------------------------ Worthless. Enjoy.

=============================================================== From: Sean Brewer ------------------------------------------------------ Who on this list can I endorse for their twerking skills? On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 10:43 PM, Mike Robinson wrote:

=============================================================== From: Dan Lyke ------------------------------------------------------ On Mon, 24 Jun 2013 23:36:38 -0400 Sean Brewer wrote: I think that'd fit me well! Dan