Semi-OT: Chatt*Lab Makerspace accepting memberships / TV B Gone soldering workshop. (fix error).

From: Jason Brown 
Lug, (reposting, I had a reply error)

     Linux relevant: The links below are on a website running Ubuntu 
12.04 EC2 cloud images modified to run in my small "private cloud" of 
clustered VirtualBox servers: Once I have some issues worked out I will 
post the conversion scripts. Most of the issues involve booting, and an 
assumed serial console.

     A project we have been working on for quite a long time is finally 
kicking off. Chatt*Lab, the Chattanooga Makerspace is now accepting 
membership applications:

     We are also doing a very cool soldering workshop on June 15th at 
the Downtown Library.  Learn some soldering skills by building your very 
own TV B Gone device. Turn off almost all makes and models of television 
with one button:
Everything you need is provided, and you get to take home a useful tool 
/ toy / gadget.

Jason Brown

=============================================================== From: Keith ------------------------------------------------------ Hey Jason, Any idea how long the workshop will be? Thanks, Keith

=============================================================== From: Jason Brown ------------------------------------------------------ It is scheduled to run from 10:00am until noon. --Jason