ot: bfl order

From: Matt Keys 
To those who ordered BFL stuff, I checked my order (number 4786) status 
over the weekend and one of them has changed from "Processing" to 
"Production" status.. whatever that means. My single SC order is still 
in "Processing".

=============================================================== From: "Daniel L. Appleget" ------------------------------------------------------ 13865 /Processing/

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ Mine is order number 1798 and its showing processing. I only order the singles and no jalape=F1os. n

=============================================================== From: Matt Keys ------------------------------------------------------ Evidently "production" means it is going out the door. The next evening I received an email from BFL that my order had shipped (two jalapeņos). Pictures soon! :)

=============================================================== From: Aaron welch ------------------------------------------------------ Could explain why the price of BTC dropped recently. -AW in

=============================================================== From: Matt Keys ------------------------------------------------------ So my jala's were delivered today. I ordered two 4.5 gh/s jalapenos and received two 6 gh/s units for the same low (early) price. I guess that makes up for the year long wait, but I'm still waiting on my single sc to come in like you guys. All together I'm pushing about 13GH/s with the additions. According to the eclipsemc calculator, that equates to about $40/day at current price of $108. I had thought that cgminer's --enable-bitforce configure option would have detected them up but it didn't. I snagged the latest cgminer from git and noticed it seems cpu mining has been removed from the code and a new option --enable-bflsc added. On ubuntu/deb libusb-1.0-0 and libusb-1.0-0-dev and the --enable-bflsc option is needed to run them.

=============================================================== From: Keith ------------------------------------------------------ Hi all, I've been thinking about getting into mining because it seems fun and you guys have said it's fairly profitable. I was going to order a couple of the small 5GH/s or one of the 25GH/s models from BFL. It seems like people have been waiting on their orders for over a year. Is it too late to really order these now? I was reading some stuff about how the difficulty is likely to skyrocket and given the long waits I've seen on the original pre-orders, is it likely I will even get these in time to mine profitably? Thanks, Keith e on . s in