The Great(?) Computer/Gadget Sale (i.e., getting rid of a bunch of my stuff)

From: Aric Annear 
Hi all=97


My recent promotion has me traveling for work more than usual, plus I =
have too much stuff lying around that I don=92t use=97but!  It=92s good =
stuff, not
spare parts.  I=92m getting rid of my extra computers and gadgets =
because 1) I
don=92t need more than one Linux and one Windows machine anymore and 2) =
honestly don=92t really game anymore.


Everything listed is in mint or near-mint condition.  All prices are =
am open to trade for some recording gear if any of you happen to have =
laying around, particularly studio monitors, MIDI controllers, or =
but also willing to trade for decent electric guitars and/or amps.  Most =
this stuff will go on Craigslist next weekend at a higher price, but you
guys get first whack in case any of you are interested.  If not, no =


1)      Acer Timeline X laptop (model 4820T) -- $300

a.       Intel i3 M380 Quad-core CPU @2.53Ghz

b.      4GB RAM

c.       640GB hard drive

d.      Iron Lake GPU

e.      Built-in webcam and WiFi

f.        Battery still gets up to 4 hours per charge

g.       Running Ubuntu 12.04, but comes with a valid key for Windows 7 =

h.      For the full $400 I will throw in FREE Chrome Citizen messenger =
(also mint condition)

2)      Vizio CA27-A0 All-in-One PC -- $600

a.       Intel i3 3110M Quad-core CPU @2.40Ghz

b.      4 GB RAM

c.       1TB hard drive

d.      Intel 4000HD GPU (will play a surprising number of modern games)

e.      27=94 LED screen (less than =BD=94 thick) with 1080p resolution

f.        Built-in webcam, wireless, Bluetooth, USB 3.0, 2.1 sound with
integrated subwoofer

g.       HDMI pass-through=97you can connect another =
and use this as a 27=94 monitor and 2.1 speaker system, even if the =
itself is turned off (I=92m doing this with the gaming rig below)

h.      Running Ubuntu 12.04, but comes with a valid key for Windows 7 =

i.         Includes media remote and Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad

j.        See pics and more specs here:  =
Seriously, if you want a Linux home desktop to make your Mac friends
jealous, this is it.

3)      Customized Asus Essentio Gaming Desktop/Suite --$999

a.       Intel i7-3770 Quad-core CPU @3.40Ghz

b.      16GB RAM

c.       1TB hard drive

d.      NVidia 660ti GPU

e.      Corsair GS800 800-watt power supply

f.        Includes HP Elite v2 wireless desktop, Logitech PS-style =
and Bose Companion 2 speakers

g.       Includes Plantronics .Audio 995 Wireless Headset

h.      Includes 24=94 Asus =93ring stand=94 1080p monitor=20

i.         Gigabit Ethernet (no wireless, had to remove the card to make
room for the GPU)

j.        Front-panel card reader (MMC/XD/SD/SDHC) and USB 3.0 ports

k.       Running Windows 7, averages 60-90FPS on Bioshock Infinite or =
(with upgraded texture pack) at maximum settings

4)      Kindle Fire HD 7=94 - $170 including accessories

a.       16GB version

b.      Comes with AmazonBasics Kindle-specific Bluetooth keyboard, =
flip case, and AmazonBasics Fast Charger

5)      Boxee Box - $80

a.       Ethernet and 802.11n WiFi

b.      Stream from your networked computers/drives, or play from USB or =

c.       Stream YouTube, Vimeo, and more

6)      Cisco-Linksys Media Hub (model NMH305) - $100

a.       500GB version

b.      2 drive bays (SATA), upgradable to 2TB storage

c.       Front-panel LCD for status and diagnostics

d.      2 USB ports to attach external drives

e.      Gigabit Ethernet

f.        Web-based interface for organizing and streaming media (NOTE: =
my experience it=92s best used as a standard network drive/NAS. =
works but kinda sucks.)


I=92m in Chattanooga, in St Elmo.  Let me know if you have any questions =
want to check out any of the items by emailing me directly at moriarty6 =