June 22 (Meetup / mini-conference) Details & RF (more) P

From: David White 
Greetings, folks.

Based on the feedback I've received, I'm going to go ahead and set a time
for the "Chugalug And IT Crowd Meetup & Networking" to officially start at
2:00pm on Saturday, June 22.

Proposed breakout sessions include (thus far):

   1. Stephen Haywood: Security or Python Related
   2. Aaron and/or Lynn Dixon: Bitcoin
   3. David White: DNS & BIND
   4. A Lawyer from Fleissner, Davis and Johnson on some sort of legal
   discussion (possibly intellectual property). I have a meeting with him on
   Wednesday. I will let folks know his proposed topic and name once he gives
   me the OK.

There will be a swap meet (trade hardware), workshops presented by IT (and
Legal) Professionals on various topics, and a chance for networking.

Breakout Sessions will each be approximately 30 minutes long including 5
minutes on each side for introductions, networking, and/or moving to the
next event.

We will also have a breakout session to discuss future similar events,
including a possible 2-Day Chattanooga IT Conference in 2014!

If you're interested in presenting a breakout session, please contact me

I created a Facebook Event for this, so if you want, please RSVP (and
invite people) here: https://www.facebook.com/events/382728415173937/


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