Linux Fun and Power Saving

From: William Wade 
On topic woot! I was just going to talk about what I just finished setting
up. Mostly because I hope it will give others ideas and encourage you to
get crazy and make something.

Thanks to Aaron, I got a Pogoplug at the last swap meet. Now I like to have
a home computer that I can log into via ssh to get to files and what not
that I need. Also I like to have a web server for testing as well as
sending large files.

So I have had my main desktop running 24/7. This worked fine but the amount
of power it uses is more than I would like.

I setup Arch Linux on the pogo plug and setup apache and a few other
servers. I did not have and extra usb hard drive that could hold my data
that I needed access to from time to time.

So I setup wake on lan on the desktop and a script with the MAC address on
the Pogoplug.
Now I can ssh into the Pogoplug, wake up the desktop and ssh over to it.

Nothing amazing, but I think the power saving is nice. And all possible
through Linux and open source.

What fun little projects has everyone else been doing with Linux recently?