Linode accounts compromised...again.

From: Lynn Dixon 
Why do people still use linode? It seems like they are compromised on a
regular and routine basis.

=============================================================== From: Dan Eveland ------------------------------------------------------ I have not seen them compromised since I started using them a few years go, but it's possible I didn't read some emails. Perhaps they are just more open about these issues than other hosts? I have had fantastic results with Linode. I find it far superior to Rackspace insofar as usability, performance and support are concerned. I use both companies daily. In the Drupal community, Linode very popular. I will freely admit have little experience with Amazon's services in that category. Thanks. Dan

=============================================================== From: Lee Walker ------------------------------------------------------ I've been using Linode for almost 2 years, this is the 1st compromise I know of.

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ i have read about Linode being compromised regularly. It seems there is always some exploit happening. This latest compromise was handled pretty poorly in my opinion. Why the hell would you put your billing systems in the same layers as your customers hosts? Why would you try to "bargain" with the attacker? Seriously though, if you are customer of Linode, you may want to check your Credit Cards. There are alot of reports of fraudulent charges on the cards Linode customers had on file. It would appear Linode is very lacking when it comes to PCI compliance :( More information and links from this latest compromise and how poorly Linode has been handling the situation:

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ They've been hacked and forced password resets twice in recent memory. Agree w/ the RS comparison. Still love Linode.... --dtb