OT: B&N Rant

From: Adam Jimerson 
I think this is my first ever rant on Chugalug o,O

Anyways as some of you that know me well know that two months ago I lost my
house due to a fire (did not want to make it public to avoid a bunch of
half assed pitty emails).  Since then I have been fighting with my
insurance company trying to get expense and personal loss reimbursements,
not fun...  The other week my insurance company told me that they wanted
receipts for everything I lost in the fire, seeing as how i bought most of
my stuff online I thought to myself that would be easy.  Until I got to
Barnes and Noble...  I purchased a 1st Gen Nook from them back in 2010, I
login to their website to try and get a copy but to my surprise it was not
listed under "My Orders".  My payment went through PayPal so I had
information about the transaction including an invoice number there.  I go
to their online chat to see if someone there can help me, the answer I get
there is "you will have to call our customer support number to get them to
help you".  So I called there customer support number and spent almost an
hour talking to three different people before getting a 3rd tier manager,
all of them hand the same responses to my request the first of which was
"Why would you want a copy of your invoice?" then it to "Our system deletes
invoices after 18 months and we have no way of recovering that information"
then to "Let me research if there is something I could to for you" which
resulted to me getting transfered to someone else.  Finally I was given the
email address for what may or may not be there upper management to see if
someone there can help me out.

I know that the Nook is more open about running Linux and Android then the
Kindle and from the Nook Color on you can run custom Android ROMS on it,
but that fact fails in comparison to their piss poor excuse for
customer service and billing practices (if they know their system does that
and they can not get who ever wrote their system to change that the least
they can do is copy old invoices somewhere else for long term storage).  My
advice to my fellow LUG members is if you choose to do business with B&N
make sure you keep a copy of your invoice on a trusted service (DropBox,
Box, Google Drive, SpiderOak, etc) or a server that you trust, because if
they treat someone trying to get copy of a receipt I can only imagine what
they would say to someone trying to get them to honor an
extended warranty when they already deleted the invoice (and therefor their
record of sale before hand).

If you are in the market for a Ebook reader then stay away from the Nook
and get a Kindle (at least Amazon keeps invoices), or if you have a
smartphone, phablet, or a tablet use a Ebook reader app on your device and
save yourself.

/me end rant mode